Cover of U2’s performed entirely with 3D printed violin

3D printing almost has knack of all the products in the world be it jewelry, dress, selfie models, industrial purposes, medial purpose etc. News is that a French musician and 3Dvarius creator (first fully playable electric violin created by 3D printing technology) Laurent Brenadac is all set with his new music video featuring one-of-its-kind 3D printed violin. From the U2’s album The Joshua Tree (1987) he has performed the cover of With or Without You with the unique 3D printed violin and his multifaceted talent.

SLA 3D printing technology was used precisely to create SLA 3D Bernadac’s 3DVarius and was designed with Bernadac’s rigid expectations as a proficient and classy trained musician. The traditional Stradivarius violin was the inspiration behind its shape. The impressive sound quality paired with modern construction gave it a complex and futuristic aesthetic. The 3D printed instrument is made with tenchically advanced sound mechanics which result in better than expected sound precision.

3D printed violin

The 3D printed violin was used to pay the cover of the X-Files theme song as a tribute to the classic TV show’s revival by Bernadac. This time he’s back with an evergreen tune that has a much wider appeal, i.e. U2’s With or Without You. The Rolling Stone magazine has listed this classic rock love song in its list of, “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”. Also its U2’s most covered song ever.

In context of the video, Bernadac’s latest clip is shot in a wide open field under the sunny sky. Whereas, the U2’s original 1987 video is dark and moody. Air borne drones were used by the filmmakers due to which they managed to capture great overhead and bird’s eye view footage outdoors. Géraldine Puel, who collaborated on the 3DVarius’ design, has produces Bernadac’s previous video is also listed as its video producer.

3D printed violin

Bernadac has once again assumed the role of one-man-band, by in co-operating with his 3D printed violin, a cajon drum, some extraordinary audios replaced from Bono’s vocals and The Edge’s famed guitars riffs to acquire a charismatic range of sounds.

3Dvarius is a great musical instrument and certainly the most futuristic looking instrument out there. It would also be available for purchase sometime soon, if you are eager to purchase it you could subscribe to their newsletter on their website. The company has not shared the exact date of release but promises to take it to crowdfunding and launch this beautiful musical instrument to the masses.

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