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12 reviews   Rating: 4/5.
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Creatbot Tech 3D Printing Pen

Want to create what you imagine? Our 3d printing pen is for you.

  • The smallest and affordable 3d printing pen in the world
  • Writing and drawing in air is possible now.
  • Functions almost similar to 3d printers.
  • Quickly melt and cool the plastic to create rigid and free standing structures.

If you are stepping into your profession in a ground-breaking way, then this small and smart 3D printing pen will help you add that spark to your work.

3d printing pen


It has great potential and can be a perfect tool for stylists, architects, designers and anybody who are interested in 3D printing. We also constantly have new ideas of how to ameliorate our 3D technology for a better future.

Lead Time: 4 Business days. Shipping from China. Free Shipping Worldwide.

Power bank not included.


  • Import hole for consumable items.
  • DC power input hole.
  • Material selection/thermostat +
  • Material selection/high temperature -
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).
  • Work indicator.
  • Wire withdrawal button.
  • Wire feed button.
  • Speed switch.
  • Heating nozzle.
  • More safety and can use outdoor.
  • 1 Year of warranty period.

Technical Specifications:

  • Discharging method: Hot melt extrusion molding.
  • Molding method: 3D molding.
  • Drawing Range: Indefinite.
  • Thickness: Manually control.
  • Consumables: ABS, PLA.
  • Consumables Diameter: Diameter of 1.75 mm.
  • Spinning Speed: Adjustable.
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.7mm.
  • Theoretical spinning capacity: 0.076~0.86 m3/min, adjustable.
  • Theoretical temperature of consumables: ABS 230℃ PLA170℃.
  • Electrical parameter of power adapter: 100/250V 3A.
  • Rated electrical parameters of equipment: DC 5V 2A 24W.
  • Parameters of equipment power input hole: Diameter of 5.5mm*2.5mm.
  • Equipment external dimension: 184mm*31mm*46mm (L*W*H).
  • Net weight: 0.065KG.
  • Color box: 22*14.5*5cm.





| 12 reviews
<p>I am creating some really cool cartoons with the help of this 3D printer for my kids. My 2 sons really enjoy watching cartoon so I thought of gifting them their favorite cartoon characters.</p> <p>I have created 3 cartoons until now with this pen which is so light in weight. The setup is also very easy as you only need to plug it up and push the feed button and you instantly get started. It is very similar to 3D printers.</p> <p>The only problem with this pen is at the reverse it does not work at times. I am going to create 3 more cartoons then I am finally going to gift them to my sons. Hope they like it!</p>
| 12 reviews
<p>What is this 3D Pen thing? </p> <p>It’s a 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen that uses 3D Printing technology, It extrudes plastic which can be given shapes. </p> <p>I got this as a gift for my son for the New Year and he has been super excited about it. For $69 it’s an amazing gift idea. </p> <p>The pen requires no expertise to use and can be setup within seconds, its easy to hold in the hand and does not jam like the ones available for cheap. </p>
| 12 reviews
<p>My 12 year old kid uses this pen and kind of loves it. </p> <p>My only concern is the fumes which are released when this plastic is melted. Is there any official report which tells how lethal these are? </p>
| 12 reviews
<p>I gifted this 3D printing pen to my 15 years old daughter so that she can give life to her imagination. The pen is easy to setup and it took her around 10 minutes to figure out how the pen works.</p> <p>The pen&rsquo;s quality is fine but I wish it didn&rsquo;t make so many strings of plastic on the thing which my daughter is making. It is very much similar to the hot glue as you end up having to wind up a spider webs. But it is light in weight and easy to hold in hand.</p>
| 12 reviews
<p>I gifted this beautiful and portable 3D pen to my brother on his birthday. He told me that the pen operates well as he has been making many things to be kept in his house as a show piece. It is actually the smallest and the most affordable 3D pen I have ever come across.</p> <p>It has the ability of melting quickly and cooling the plastic in order to create rigid and free standing structures.&nbsp; The best part about the 3D printer is that its thickness can be manually controlled which allows this pen to fit into anyone&rsquo;s hand.</p>

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CreatbotTech 3D Printing Pen - Free Shipping
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