CreatbotTech D2 - Multi Functional 3D Printer - Metal Chassis

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4 reviews   Rating: 4/5.
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Creatbot Tech D2 - Dual Extruder 3D Printer - Metal Chassis

Creatbot Tech D2

Lead Time: 3 Business days.


Creatbot Tech D2
Creatbot Tech D2
Creatbot Tech D2
Creatbot Tech D2
Creatbot Tech D2
Creatbot Tech D2
Creatbot Tech D2
Creatbot Tech D2
Creatbot Tech D2
Creatbot Tech D2
Creatbot Tech D2
Creatbot Tech D2
Creatbot Tech D2


Note: It is a complete Assembled Machine, no assembly required.

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Technical Specifications
Print size ( X Y Z ) 290 x 200 x 230 mm
The Layer Thickness 0.1 to 0.4 mm
Layer Resolution 100 microns
Chassis Full Metal
Filament Compatibility PLA, ABS, Wood, Nylon and TPU (Flexible)
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Print Speed 30 to 300 mm/sec
Print Plate (Build Platform) MK3 HeatBed
Extruder Type MK8
No.of Extruders Two
Print Head/Hotend/Nozzle Type Based on MK8
Power Requirements 110 V to 240 V
Connectivity (Interface) USB, SD Card
Electronics Ramps 1.4 and 2560
3D printing Software Cura, Repetier Host
CAD Input data file format supported STL, DAE, OBJ, Gcode
Client Operating System Windows/Linux/MAC
Print in dual color Yes
Print in multi color No
Machine Dimensions 480*370*410mm
Shipping box dimensions 580*470*530mm
Machine weight 20 Kg
Shipping box weight 22 Kg
Lead time 3 Business days
Shipping Location China
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
| 4 reviews
<p> I ordered this this 3D printer on a Saturday and got it on Friday (6 days later). I had expected to wait a few weeks for it since this printer was in demand and the factory held up orders to revise the printer. </p> <p> I did not have any experience with 3dprintersonlinestore so I was hesitant ordering from them. After talking with Steve, I felt a little more comfortable with ordering from this vendor and placed an order on Sat. After Sunday, everything just fell into place. </p> <p> The factory sent me pictures of my unit, I got a shipped noticed that initially said the unit will be here on Friday, then when it went through customs, in China, it was delayed to the following week. </p> <p>To my surprise, I got the printer on Friday. The unit arrived in great condition. The unit was easy to put together and I noticed I got the updated version of the printer. </p> <p>I am happy with the experience ordering from this vendor and this specific 3d printer. This is my first 3D printer and I'm so happy with it.</p>
| 4 reviews
<p>As an engineer, certainly I need to create models or prototypes of new parts or products. On the recommendation of my colleague, I bought this multi-functional Creatbot 3D printer for my presentations. Wow! It&rsquo;s a nifty device that evolves efficiency and productivity of my projects in much satisfying quality prints.</p> <p>It has a good print area that delivers larger replicas of the original one at great printing speed. The full metal machine ensures its durability. This is a perfect machine for professionals in the world of 3D printing.</p>
| 4 reviews
<p>I am a hobbyist and I love to experiment with new projects and technologies. I have heard a lot about 3D printing, thus I bought this Creatbot Tech D2 last week. It has metal built that gives a robust and strong look, but a little heavy machine.</p> <p>It has multiple filament compatibilities though my device doesn&rsquo;t support TPU. I have complaint 2 days back &amp; they promised me to resolve this matter soon. Overall, I am enjoying printing on this multi-functional printer.</p> <p>Finger crossed! Hope my complaint would be resolved as soon as possible so I can start using TPU material for my models as well.</p>
| 4 reviews
<p>I am an artist. This versatile 3D printer helps me to explore the creative potential of fabricating 3D objects with high-defined quality prints. It is a completely assembled machine thus it saves my time in assembling or assorting all parts together.</p> <p>It can support various CAD extensions featuring STL, G-CODE and DAE, which make my work easier and faster. The MK8 dual extruder allows the print head and nozzle to work smoothly and efficiently.</p> <p>After installing this printer, I must say it has enhanced my creativity and built more interest to do doodling at the larger platform. Those who are great explorers in artistry work and seeking for such stand-alone device, then without any second thought must go for it.</p>

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