Creative 3d printed prosthetic hand to play guitar

04 Feb

Creative 3d printed prosthetic hand to play guitar

We are lucky to have all parts and organs working fine as there are millions of people around the world born without hands, legs. Some people don’t have money to fit artificial hands while many are not comfortable with prostheses hand or legs. In this modern era technology has been playing a vital role in human lives, especially 3d printing has given many people a prosthetic leg and hands, which are the most comfortable prostheses they have ever used in their entire life.

3d printing is well known for producing any sort of object at minimum price, all a printer need is just a roll of plastic to get wonders. Many private sectors have been initiated to help the people by providing prosthetic hands one such volunteers are the E-NABLE and there are many more such companies available around the world.


The prosthetic hands we have been seen has helped people to do their routine work at least. But doing normal works using artificial hand never interested neither impressed Diego Corredo. Diego 17 year old boy who born without limbs, who got frustrated by using artificial hands, which didn’t fit him at all until he met Juan who is a 3d designer runs the online market place for 3d designing and 3d printing. What is so special that made Diego to use the hand made by Jaun?

Diego wants to play guitar using the prosthetic hand so Juan and his sister Andrea decided to make a hand that will fulfil the wish of Diego. They referred a book by Adalbert Ibrahim Kapandji on human physiology, "The Physiology of the Joints volume 6", to analyze and learn the pronation and supination.


Jaun and his team built six prototypes using ABS plastic within six hours and under the cost of $300. They added springs for movements in the model to play guitar, the result quite amazing and innovative that we have never seen before now Diego can play guitar using prosthetic.

Image Credit:3dgluck colombia

Chris Joel (Author)

Creative 3d printed prosthetic hand to play guitar
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