Cultivator 3D printer that prints Synthetic Meat

Year 2050, we have destroyed our Planets ecosystem by plundering on our natural resource. Due to this we have extreme scarcity of Food, water, and habitable land to live on. As an extreme measure we decide to leave the planet and colonize on other planets. Space travel technology we have at the time is at an advanced stage and we can think of interplanetary travel, but all we can really do is travel to planets inside our solar system and as we all know they all are inhabitable for us humans. Sounds like a grim future, doesn’t it?


It certainly is, and looking at the mass destruction we are causing on our planet it look like a hard reality that we may have to face sooner than later. There is little that we really can do about the destruction we are causing here but we certainly can make alternative arrangements that will help us in the future. By sending a 3D printer to space we are already looking for options to build a habitable base on hostile planets. The advancements in this field really looks promising, I guess the next step would be to find ways of making food and water available in this space colonies.


Cultivator, is a conceptual 3d printer that would be making, 3d Printed meat and it could hold the answers to the Food problem we may face in the future. Thought by Sarah Mautsch and Aaron Abentheuer from the German University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd. The concept printer would be based on an open source design so that it can further fuel the advancement of Food Printers.

Talking about Cultivator Mr. Abentheuer said "This is a speculative design project, so the device itself is not production ready, but considering this technology exists today (although it is very expensive), one can imagine that technology will evolve, get cheaper and smaller to produce, so something like Cultivator can definitely exist in 10 to 30 years time in the kitchen of the future."


Thinking about a 3d printed Meat is not all that these students stopped at. They have said that the Cultivator would be a personal Chef that would store user’s dietary requirement charts and taste preferences, they call it the Adapt Nutritional Values tool. The synthetic Meat would mean that it would not have any bone, and can be configured according to preference.

It would be really interesting to follow the development of Cultivator as the science behind it certainly opens a wide array of fields that it could be used on. This is making companies like L’Oreal which is investing huge amount of money into making 3D printed skin and John D. Rockefeller - invest in 3D printed meat startup called Modern Meadow.


If you are not interested in your Food plate to contain Synthetic Meat and do not like the alternate arrangements being made. Stop polluting the beautiful planet we live on.

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