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Until a few years ago, I used to be glued to online MMORG games like World of Warcraft and Ragnarok. According to a recent report there are 7.8 million active players of WOW (World of Warcraft), and I am sure all these members are diehard fans of the game. Only a gamer would know the importance of a war hero, and the attachment he creates to its main character of the game. When I was a compulsive gamer I used to love collecting collectibles related to the game and special the ORC hero I used to play with. I would have loved to have a 3d model of the ORC hero I used to play with, however at that time the 3d printing technology was not mature enough for me to get hands on one.

Mounted Heroes

The Good news for the gamers is that times have changed, what was not possible until a few years ago is easily doable now. To make designing of the Game Characters simpler for the gamers a team of Spanish designers headed by David Pérez has announced a new online design platform called Mounted Heroes. The idea behind mounted hero is to create an easy to use cloud based online platform is to make customization of characters easier. One can select their main characters, be it humans, Orc’s or mounted hero’s and then work on the character by simple pre designed accessories, weapons and the mounts.

Mounted Heroes

The number of customizable options available on Mounted heroes allows you to make a million of different character. Once the character is designed it can shared or can be directly 3d printed using the shapeways 3d printing services.

Mounted Heroes

The developer team behind the online platform said ‘Mounted Heroes uses a web application, from which you can select the different families of miniatures. The components are displayed and combined through a 3d viewer […], allowing you at any time to see how the figure is customized. Once the composition is finished, you can save the Miniature and create your own collection to modify it, 3d print it or share it with other users.’

Mounted Heroes

‘Select the combination of armor between different helmets, shoulder pads, breastplates, pants and boots and also the shape of the base. You can also select the mount armor. You can print the model on foot or mounted and make it evolve as you gain experience or get equipment in your gaming.’

Mounted Heroes

With Mounted Heroes the company plans to raise $30000 on kickstarter, with this money the company has plans to improve on their web design platform and offer better services on their webshop. Speaking about their kickstarter campaign the company said, ‘Although it is not the purpose of this Kickstarter, your support will encourage us to keep working in an evolutionary tabletop game that will take advantage of the benefits of 3D printing and miniature customization.

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