Dancing robot built by Colido 3D printer

Robotics and 3d printing have kind of become synonyms of each other, so when a Hong Kong based 3D printer manufacturers Print-Rite decided to launch a new 3d printer into the market they did it by making a 3d printed robot. The company launched a video of the said robot on youtube, it shows a highly sophisticated dancing robot (the robot can be seen doing steps from the uber famous Korean song Gangnam style).

Dancing robot

According to the company’s official statement, all the parts for the robot were 3d printed using custom made PLA plastic. The robotics were assemble later to give it a real life feel. The Robots exteriors look like something made from injection molding grade finished plastic, the company has tried to show that even this kind of finish is possible on their 3d printer. The 3d printed robot is programmable and performs large number of tasks. The video indicates that the company plans to target schools and students who are learning robotics as their potential customers.

Dancing robot

Taking about their 3d printed Robot Hugo Wong from Print-Rite said to 3der, “‘We have a big team of engineers who are experts in different engineering fields. Through tremendous collaborative effort, we came up with different design ideas which ultimately led to the designing of this robot. Plastic parts were designed and printed using our Colido 3D printer and our company’s filament. Our software engineers have programmed the sequential movement of the robots, the results of which can be seen in its amazing movement.

The weight of the printed parts is VERY important when designing a robot. More or less weight of the printed parts will complicate the process of balancing the robot and getting it to move in the way we wanted.”

Dancing robot

Adding to this he explained a bit more about his company’s current offering and future products ‘Print-Rite is a manufacturer in the aftermarket 3D printer private consumer industry, which started in 3D printing last year. Our 3D printer – Colido - was launched last year and we have 4 available models at this moment. ’ He also informed that the company has 4 more printers that they will launch this year, this will complete their full range of offering and plans to target enthusiast’s, Home users and small companies with their printers.

Currently only the CoLiDo 2.0 3D Printer is available for sale on Amazon and its selling for $989.00 with free shipping. The most unique feature of this printer is the glass plate that is pre coated with a secret layer which makes removal of 3d printed parts easy.

CoLiDo 2.0 3D Printer specifications:

  • Print Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Build Volume: 22.5*14.5*15cm
  • Layer Resolution: 0.1~0.4mm
  • Materials Supported: PLA/ABS/Wood
  • Connectivity: USB and SD card.
  • Operating Systems Supported: Window 7, MAC OS, Linux.

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