Diamond Hotend: single extruder that delivers multicolor objects

13 Apr

Diamond Hotend: single extruder that delivers multicolor objects

Many researchers all around the globe are working on features and upgrades of 3d printers and they never failed to surprise us as we are able to see something new often from 3d printing technology. Peter Bogley and Kenneth Weiss from Denmark has come up with Diamond Hotend (a diamond shape nozzle).

diamond hotend

The type of extruder till now we have are the usual one that can deliver one single color and for dual colors, we used to change the filament supply or we use the dual extruder and the same applies for tri colors. Not every customer who orders the DIY kit has successfully assembled the printer, they face issues while building and customer support used to sort it out their issues. There should be a slight gap between the nozzle tip and print plate, and when it comes to dual extruder the level of the extruders must be same. These are time-consuming and if customers are upgrading on their own the print size will affect as well.

Rainbow color

The Diamond Hotend is the new single extruder that has the ability to mix three colors and deliver prints as you can see in the below image. The Diamond Hotend is designed for easy calibration, better precision, color blending and reduces filament waste.

Diamond Hotend

The Diamond Hotend is composed as an alteration pack for their existing 3D printers. It comprises of the hotend itself, a solitary warming component, three chambers for fiber, and three extruder stepper engines to drive the plastic into the warming chamber. The printer's driver board must have the capacity to send orders to three extruders, or it must be redesigned.

Already their kickstarter campaign has crossed their pledged goal of kr150,000 with 255 backers. And now Peter Bøgely and Kenneth Weiss are now planning to expand their collaboration with top companies such as Makerbot and Ultimaker.

Image & Video Credit: bolsoncerrado& youtube

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Diamond Hotend: single extruder that delivers multicolor objects
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