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I'm Impressed! Just used my Slimbot 3D printer and I loved it very much. So far, it is working well.. ...»
This is my first 3D printer. I bought two week ago. Assembling was easy and if you need any help you.. ...»
A printer which prints effortlessly with high printing speed. The print outs are precise I have neve.. ...»
This printer is the best option for you if you don’t want to spend so much time on the assembling pa.. ...»
The printer is sturdy and durable because of its high quality aluminum frame. I am very impressed wi.. ...»
The manual instructions helped me to assemble the printer within hours. The manual is easy to unders.. ...»
I have had a good experience with this printer. My teenage daughter Tiara creates exceptionally impr.. ...»
It's Everything I Hoped For! I had honestly great expectations from Slimbot. Thankfully, I am satis.. ...»
The aluminum frame of the printer is what I really like. It is strong and durable. It makes the prin.. ...»
The printer got delivered on time and the kit includes everything which is required to assemble the .. ...»



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Electron 3D Tevo Tarantula - Single/Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit
Based on 77 reviews. (77 reviews)
$359 USD $227 USD
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Electron 3D - Sixth Generation Prusa i3 - Auto Leveling & Height Detection
Based on 63 reviews. (63 reviews)
$400 USD $239 USD
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Electron 3D Tevo - Black Widow Auto Leveling / Laser Engraving 3D Printer Kit
Based on 27 reviews. (27 reviews)
$699 USD $499 USD
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