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Couldn’t ask for more! This DIY 3D printer kit has the best combination of features including great.. ...»
First thing first, the printer has a fairly good build-up. I manage to take out some really good pri.. ...»
In awe of this product! The most lovable part about He3D is its aluminum construction. The machine .. ...»
I ordered the printer for my brother. When it arrived I thought of assembling it on my own before gi.. ...»
A very light weight and a portable printer. It got delivered on time with all the parts. I expected .. ...»
The aluminum frame of the printer is what makes it reliable and sturdy. I had no idea that I have or.. ...»
Recommended to everyone! This is the best 3D printer I have ever had. Its parts are of high quality .. ...»
The printer arrived on time and in good condition. The kit is very easy to assemble and understand. .. ...»
Bessie J. Kivi
I ordered the printer for my son. I gifted it to him unassembled as I wanted him to explore and un.. ...»
I was very disappointed when I read the manual of this printer. It is an old manual and is not updat.. ...»

He 3D

He 3D

He 3d printer is the best available at affordable rates which has the ability to print both PLA and ABS. 3dprints more accurate and fine with zero errors. Ultra-low print noise, allows you to print more quiet! Supports linux, mac and windows..

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He 3D EI3 Aluminium Extrusion DIY 3D Printer kit
Based on 12 reviews. (12 reviews)
$299 USD $220 USD
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He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit
Based on 83 reviews. (83 reviews)
$394 USD $239 USD
This limited offer ends in:
He 3D EI3-Tricolor DIY 3D Printer kit Triple Extruder
Based on 6 reviews. (6 reviews)
$699 USD $474 USD
This limited offer ends in:

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