Doctor develops 3D printed eye examination kit

According to Who (World Health Organization) Cataract a clouding of the lens of the eye which prevents clear vision is responsible for blindness of around 20 million people in Developing Nation. Most of these cases are preventable but due to the lack of easy access to doctors, testing facilities and hospitals for operations lead to incurable blindness to most of the Cataract cases.

It is said that prevention is better than cure, and this is very true when it comes to curing Blindness caused due to Cataract. Unfortunately most of the people in developing countries don’t ever get a chance to visit an eye testing facility as they are either expensive or are not available in their locality. The need of the hour is a portable Eye Testing Tool that can be used to cure Eye related ailments.

3D Printed Eye Examination kit

Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong, a New Zealand based doctor has done exactly that, however he has taken it further by making it 3D Printable and one that uses smartphone camera and an app to do eye testing. This cheap 3D Printed Kit replaces the slit lens microscopes and fundus cameras that are extremely expensive hence it makes the feasible for individual doctors to afford.

Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong, who is a junior eye doctor at the Dunedin Hospital in Dunedin, New Zealand has also floated a company called oDocs Eye Care which will work in the field of opensource 3D printable eye related equipment’s. Talking about his 3D Printable Eye Testing Tool Chiong said “I believe sight is one of the most important sensory perceptions. It’s one of those senses that if you lose it, it's going to affect your independence, your work, your confidence and your self-esteem.”

3D Printed Eye Examination kit

He added “It’s like volunteering to help someone, and what you get from that is seeing the person you helped triumph, or just as simple as that person saying thank you or smile back at you. That’s what really gives me the motivation to keep working.”

The 3D Printable eye testing tool is not just cheaper to make but also comparable to expensive medical devices which do the same thing. It can provide 40 degree field of view with ten times magnification which is good enough to do any kind of eye tests.

The Kit which is known as oDocs Fundus consists of 7 3D Printable parts which includes a Universal smartphone G-clamp attachment which can be used on almost any phone and is compatible with +20Diopter condensing lens (Diameter 54mm). Chiong has also made the Beta version of the App that can be used for eye testing available for free and can be downloaded from his website.

3D Printed Eye Examination kit

If you live in New Zealand you could contact the oDocs’s 3D printing hub which can print the Eye testing tool at a nominal cost on their Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer. Other could head over to their Shape ways page and get the prints.

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