Dragon Braq the 3d printed toy that know how to flap its wings

I remember possessing a GI Joe action figurine which was the most cherished toy ever had; I used to love making it stand and sit in different positions on almost regular basis. The ability of the toy to move and change positions made sure I did not get bored of the action figure and it also made me somewhat get emotionally attached to the toy. So when I started looking for a 3d printed toy for my kid, I found out that the 3d printing file repository websites are loaded with all kinds of printable toys and figurines; however few of these have any real movable hands, legs or body parts. The reason for this is probably the complexity, which is required to design such a toy.

Dragonn Braq

After some extensive online toy hunting, I came across the work of a professional artist and 3D modeler Sonia Verdu. She has designed a 42 piece dragon figurine which can be joined together with Elastic stings. It’s called the Dragón Braq (or ‘Braq') and was designed for a company on commission contract for a European company called bq.

Dragonn Braq

The Dragon figurine is quite unique in design as it was made with 3D printing in mind, which means all the 42 pieces are configured to get the best Printed part. All the pieces are 3d printing optimized and do not need any support structure for printing. All the necessary files and instructions needed to print the Dragón Braq are available on the thingiverse page as well as the official blog of the company bq.

Printing specifications for Dragón Braq :

  • Body parts and wings of the dragon to be printed with .2 mm layer height and an infill of 10%.
  • The head needs to be studier hence needs to be printed with .14 mm layer height and a 40% infill density.

Dragonn Braq

Once the files are printed, the 42 piece jigsaw puzzle can be joined with the help of a three 2-3mm thick elastic string. One sting is used to join the body, tail and the head of the dragon and two stings are used to fix the dragon wings. The elastic string makes sure the parts remain in place and also give it the ‘tight’ and realistic feel. It also lets the toy retain its original shape once you are tired making it sit in a particular position.

Dragonn Braq

Giving further details about the Dragón Braq design bq wrote this on their blog, “In the downloadable files, you will find the G-code files prepared for your 3D printer. We also added the STL files which include brackets and, if you prefer, you can download the original modeled without brackets.”

We would like to thank bq, for this amazing 3d printable design and really appreciate the hard work of the designer Sonia Verdu. The companies mission statement reads “Help people understand technology, we inspire them to use it and develop it” and we believe you guys are one of the few companies which act on what you preach.

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