• Draken prints  up to 8.66? tall with up to 3.86? x 7.09? build base at 90 micron XYZ resolution, one of the largest and tallest among all personal SLA printers.
  • Draken is one of the fastest personal SLA printers in the market today.  For other SLA printers to print a 6.5 inch Statue of Liberty with 100 micron Z resolution, it takes anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. With Draken, it takes less than 4 hours.
  • For most SLA printers on market, the resin vat needs to be replaced every few months, because the silicone coating on the vat might get cloudy after extensive usage. In Draken, we bonded a thin Teflon layer on top of the silicon coating, which greatly extended the lifetime of the vat. You won’t need to worry about frequent replacement of the vat anymore.

3DFacture Draken Features:

  •   Stereolithography (SLA) printing technology: Bottom-up SLA configuration
  •   Sturdy print bed with Teflon coating to dramatically reduce print bed clouding
  •   Use of Commercial DLP 1080P projectors to eliminate laser flare and laser aging issues
  •   Smart projector lens covering
  •   Novel Fast Peel mechanism
  •   Universal projector mount adjustable to different types of projectors
  •   Add on of Raspberry Pi for wireless print control
  •   Support for 3rd party resins

Printing Features:

  • XY resolution: 37?m to 90?m
  • Z resolution: 10?m
  • Build Size: 7.1? x 3.9? x 8.7? / 180mm x 98mm x 223mm
  • Maximum print speed:
    > 3.6 inches / hr for xy:50?m and z:100?m resolution
    > 1.8 inches / hr for xy:100?m and z:100?m resolution