EEZYbotARM the 3D printed robotic arm you always wanted to make

Building Robots was the coolest thing to do when I was in high school, and thankfully the charm hasn’t fade away. But in our times to learn to build robot was a rich brats affair, we commoner’s could only look at the cool things made during the yearly science fest and be all crazy about it. Thankfully things have changed for the current generation electronics used to make robots have become lot cheaper and it will eventually boost the role of robots as assistants doing our daily chores.

EEZYbotARM the 3D printed robotic arm


If you are new to the field of robotics and are eager to learn the art of making one, the best option to begin with is the internet. But with so many options and intimidating designs of robots you are going to be disappointed. To make Robotics easier to understand for beginners an Italian designer Carlo Franciscone has announced EEZYbotARM, a robotic arm that is cheap, looks like a robot straight from the factories of the future but is still easy to make.

Carlo explains, EEZYbotARM was developed to inspire people to build robots, its sleek has a cool design and it even features an accurate grip mechanism that can move marbles from point A to B. With a little tweak EEZYbotARM could do a lot more. Carlo has made a detailed assembly instruction for anyone who wants to make EEZYbotARM, The instructions are said to be intricately written and covers even the basics of robotics.

EEZYbotARM the 3D printed robotic arm


Carlo further added that EEZYbotARM was not made from scratch, as he took the design inspirtation from robotic arm projects. He said ‘I spent time to look around the web at some examples available that could be a good starting from, and between all I found interesting the phenoptix MeArm V4 project [that I liked] especially for the simplicity and low cost of parts involved. So I kept only the kinematics geometry and redesign all parts including the gripper.’

EEZYbotARM the 3D printed robotic arm


To make EEZYbotARM you need 17 3D printed components along with the nuts and bolts and the electronics to control the robot. Carlo used 3 Tower Pro MG90S servos and a 1 SG90 servo (gripper) but he added that you could make this robot with various other electronics if the above mentioned were not available. Once assembled EEZYbotARM could be programmed to make sketches, potentiometers, joystick, and WII nun chuck. Giving his special advice to the future makers of his robot he said ‘After several trials I found very "easy" to use a controller from Pololu: the Mini Maestro USB Servo Controller. You can attach up to 6 – 12 – 24 servos depend of the controller type,’

To make the exoskeleton of the EEZYbotARM, Carlo used 3D printed in ABS however it could be made with PLA as well, the design files for the 3D Printed parts were available at Thingiverse. Instructions and assembly manual to make the EEZYbotARM robots could be found at the Instructables website.

Taking about the ease of making his 3D printed robot, Carlo said ‘it’s a fairly easy project that is perfect for those makers who want to tinker with different assembly and programming options without going completely overboard.’

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