Elements Lab's 3D printing Jewelry Maker App

Jewelry is something that defines a women’s beauty. Wearing rings, pendants with specific meanings and attachments to it makes a person feel closer to the family, and also the statement piece can add as an accessory to an outfit and give it the fancy feel. 3D printing jewelry is now become a new breakthrough for all makers jewelry designers. 3Dprinting as a technology has allowed for a radical growth in the field for instance, algorithmic design, customization, and quicker prototyping. Also 3D printed jewelry has become more popular in recent times among the customers. For customers it is an easy way to be able to customize their jewelry without spending huge amount of money is an additive bonus.

Elements Lab's 3D printing Jewelry Maker App

Taiwan based company; Elements Lab has introduced their recent product that is an application called EL Jewelry Maker. Ting Tang who is the founder of the company led a team to innovate and process the app. The App introduces users with easy DIY jewelry making with real 3D printed jewelry. It is a delight for jewelry lovers with the new app that is recently launched on Google Play. It was an effort to help to consumers benefit for the 3D printing technology and involve them in designing their own customized jewelry without any necessary CAD knowledge.

Elements Lab's 3D printing Jewelry Maker App

The EL Jewelry Maker app has an easy and user friendly interface that allows the users to effectively design and customize their piece of jewelry. The app has some easy steps that the user needs to follow in the process of jewelry making. Initially the user needs to click through the type of jewelry like a ring, a pendant, etc. then selecting the size of the ring and then the style of the jewelry. Also the app provides variety of rings that can be chosen as well as available charm options that can be added to the jewelry like the bow, skull etc. Eventually the user can choose to add a gemstone and decide what material to print the jewelry from white gold, silver, metal or yellow gold. Most amazing aspect of the app is that if the user has its own design of the jewelry, they can send it to EL Jewelry Maker and ask them wether they can turn the idea or design into 3D printed pendant or ring. Quotes are sent to the users once the design is completed and approved by the user before the production begins.

Elements Lab's 3D printing Jewelry Maker App

The Elements Lab is still working on the app adding new collection of charms to be immediately available for the users. Elements Lab’s Jewelry Maker is ready for all, as Ting notes on the site that, “This app is designed for everyone, everyone who loves to play with jewelry and designs; however, the platform behind this app is built for 3D printing technology and makers.”

Elements Lab's 3D printing Jewelry Maker App

With many 3D printed jewelry that are accessible now, the app also aids in designing custom jewelry, it is companies like Elements Labs that highlight how easily available 3D printing world is for start-ups. It helps consumers to directly participate in designing their jewelry and customizing it. After the design has been 3D printed with the precious metals, traditional process of jewelry making like casting and polishing is used to make it more appealing and elegant. According to the founder of Elements Labs Ting Tang, decided to work with 3Dprinted jewelry particularly as it involves the cooperation between the digital and traditional makers in the process. Also Ting Tang is all dedicated to promoting 3D printing technologies.

The Elements Lab team demonstrated the process of how they made a prayer wheel pendant from the start to the end that they made for a customer. The prayer wheel pendant was made from silver and had the initials’ of the client carved into a little box. The process took about two weeks to complete from the initial point of ordering to making the jewelry and shipping it to the customer.

The app is bound to be updated with new products, features and designs periodically. It can be downloaded on all Android devices for free. Element Lab is looking for more digital and traditional makers to join their team to enhance its services and promote 3D printing on a wider space through jewelry designing.

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