FCTRY to produce Hillary Clinton 3D Printable Action Figure

13 Mar

FCTRY to produce Hillary Clinton 3D Printable Action Figure

The United States presidential election of 2016 is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016. This time around Barack Obama is unable to be elected for a third time due to restrictions in the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution. There is no official statement for the nominees for the presidential post from both Republicans as well Democrats, many people believe that it will Hillary Clinton for the Democrats.

Hilary action figure

Back in 2008 Jason Feinberg and his wife founders of FCTRY in NewYork decided to create an Obama action figure which sold over 150,000 figures of Obama and after many years Jason Feinberg and his wife Alyssa have yet again decided to make figures for sale but this time its going to be Hillary Clinton.

Mike Leavitt, who is an expert in making real looking figurines using CAD tools and Zbrush has designed and forwarded to Jason to make the final decision, with some changes and made the final 3d printed Clinton toy and sent it to FCTRY to produce many toys of Hilary using an injection moulding process.

Hlary action figure pledge

To raise funds they have launched the Hillary Clinton action figures, and there are seven pledges, for $1 to $9 they will send you Hilary a supporter postcard on behalf your name. For $15 or more FCTRY team will receive Hillary action figure and a postcard to Hillary, and $40 you will receive everything along a T-Shirt. Those who pledge for $5000 or more will receive everything from Hillary figure to T-shirt plus Mike will make you a 12 inch action figure.

Hillary action figure

If you can’t afford anything above not an issue, FCTRY has collaborated with MakerBot to display the action figure of Hillary in thingiverse where you can download and print in your very own 3d printer.

Image Credit:FCTRY

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FCTRY to produce Hillary Clinton 3D Printable Action Figure
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