FILAMENTO - World's Next Generation 3D Printer Material

27 Mar

FILAMENTO - World's Next Generation 3D Printer Material

Day by day the use of 3d printers is increasing and the demand to 3d printing technology is way too high than ever before. Things have changed and users started to expect more features in their printers and moreover quality prints. A 3d printer can deliver fine 3d objects if it has quality print materials,


A new company Creadition produces a series of high quality printing materials has launched in KickStarter that will take you by surprise, especially if you have used other filaments before. I hope everyone would have come across bad prints. There are many factors that rely on the poor quality of prints mainly due to poor quality of filament, jumping, irregular extrusion, bubbles. If you have faced these problems before then you will prefer to order FIAMENTO.

creaditions filamento

Wondering what is this FILAMENTO? A series of high quality printing filaments that comprises of PLA, ABS, NYLON, WOOD, CRYSTALIZED, DISSOLVABLE and FLEXIBLE. Creadtions four principles include Value, quality, Innovation and sustainability, their principles explain what they want to deliver to the world at an affordable price.

filamento printing materials

With every new technology, we have to learn how to use, it’s not exceptional for 3d printing as well. Most probably 1st print always test our patience, but sometimes you will face a lot of problems with every prints. Print objects will be rarely good from the word go and Creaditon’s Filamento are such materials that will produce high quality prints with no errors.

Filamento print samples

“FILAMENTO is a product that leaves no residues, no bubbles, and does not contain any foreign or particulate matter.” Says Michael X. Infante.

They create filaments using fine raw materials, with the help laser instrumentation and high precision measurement tools to create 1.75 and 3mm material’s diameter. In the image below you can see the process of creating FILAMENTO.

filamento material process

In Puerto Rico young generations are leaving the island to get jobs. The island is currently in deep trouble financially, and unemployment exists as well. In order to contribute and improve the economic status in Puerto Rico, Michael started this company thus creating job opportunities for youngsters.

Stable filament flow from nozzle, steady temperature, regular extrusion are the key factors in bringing the best prints to your table and that’s what FIlAMENTO materials does every time you run for a print.

Source: Kickstarter

image Source:Kickstarter

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FILAMENTO - World's Next Generation 3D Printer Material
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