First 3D printed jewelry from platinum 3Dprinted powder

17 Mar

First 3D printed jewelry from platinum 3Dprinted powder

Cooksongold who is a supplier and fabricator of precious metal unveils its first 3D printed platinum jewelry from 3Dprintinf platinum powder. It is a UK based company and has developed 950Pt/Ru, thatis world’s first platinum powder optimized to 3D printing elegant jewelry and watches. The powder will be used in combination with the company’s Precious M 080 direct metal 3Dprinter. The 950Pt/Ru powder, which will be launched in collaboration with the Platinum Guild International (PGI). The powder creates new possibilities to create and manufacture delicate, complex and firm platinum jewelry enabling a whole new market in the 3D printed jewelry industry.

Platinum is one of the pure and finest metals available and describes finer things in life like the platinum cards, platinum rings etc that invokes a feeling of superior quality as it is the most desired metal for jewelry and watch. Apart from its lustrous and malleable property it is stronger as compared to other metals and more durable, it is also hypoallergenic and so is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Though it has many benefits it is a metal that is very challenging to work with. The hardness of the metal might tear, crack and shrink during the process and it was impossible to 3D print it until now.

3D printed platinum powder?

Due to Cooksongold’s new invention of platinum powder that can be used for 3D printing it has prved to be a major time and cost saving on part of the manufacturers. The powder is particularly designed for 3D printing purposes and ensures that once the designs have been printed they can be post-processed, milled and polished to the high standards without any common problems associated with the traditional casting of platinum metal.

Cooksongold is also a co-creator of thr EOS Precious M 080 metal 3D printer, ought to create a platinum powder that could be used to 3D print platinum jewelry a viable commercial opportunity. The partscan be produces without any need for expensive tools and molds, producing prototypes within hours. David Fletcher, business development manager, said: “This is one of the most revolutionary developments for the 3D printing technology. Helping to eliminate the common problems associated with casting platinum, it will become vital for bespoke and low volume platinum jewellery production.

3D printed platinum powder

Award winner Joseph Jackson created a pair of cuff links inspired by the bone structure and organic growth. It was 3Dprinted in a single batch, it consists a self-supporting hollow structure and a fne platinum lattice that could only be achieved through 3D printing. “The direct precious metal 3D printing process enables the production of intricate design forms that if cast would encounter issues due to metal flow. This is a great advantage when working with platinum. Platinum’s strength allows delicate parts to be produced whilst still being strong enough for a wearable piece of jewelry. Another major advantage of the process is its ability to produce hollow forms, reducing component weight and therefore cost,” he explained

The 3D printing powder and the first 3Dprinted platinum jewelry of Cooksongold will be officialy unveiled officially this weekend at the Baseworld 2016. It is a globally-recognized marketplace and trend-setting exhibition for watch and fine jewelry industry. Apart from that there will also be Precious M 080 DMLS 3D printed at the exhibition that will demonstrate 3D printing of 18 carat gold and possibilities of 3D printing jewelry industry. The powder will join Cooksongold’s existing portfolio of advanced metal powders, which consists of 18ct 3N yellow gold, 18ct white gold, 18ct 5N red gold and Brilliante 925 silver. It further plans to unveil more advanced metal 3Dprinting powders throughout 2016.The new product and powder will be presented at Cooksongold’s stand at Baselworld which is taking place between 17th –to- 24th March 2016.

Image Credit: Cooksongold E-manufacturing

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First 3D printed jewelry from platinum 3Dprinted powder
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