Say Hie, to the first ever 3D printed CPU opener

The most unusual thing about engineers is that they enjoy breaking down machineries apart and also love building it back altogether to learn the mechanics related to it. Engineers are always searching for new techniques to make things more interesting and quirkier. While working on an old computer sometimes it breaks down and you have to open up the CPU to check whats wrong. If ever you have been in such a situation u will be very much knowing that is almost impossible to open up a CPU. There are various techniques to open a CPU with online tutorial involving a hammer and combination or a heat source. But on the other hand the Japanese makers have simply 3D printed a tool that easily opens up the CPU.

3D printed CPU opener

Along with the tool Japanese makers are also planning to make something that follows their traditions. It was a trend among the Japanese makers to open earliest Intel CPUs’ to verify its quality and heatsink material and also to study it contents. Analyzing these results they came to know that year after year each generation of processors have been attacked by the many Japanese makers and students in an effort to separate Die IHA. Processors are considered to be an extremely delicate part of a CPU and can easily get damaged. The opening process thus, involves a number of tricks in opening the CPU. A team of Japanese makers from a store in Akihabara has established the most clever way to open the most recent Intel Skylake processor with a 3D printed opener cum heatsink remover.

The mechanism of the 3D printed opener involves two parts that encapsulates the CPU from top to bottom. You just have to pave the Skylake processor’s face up in the middle later clasp the top on half, inserting screwdrivers on both sides of the contraption. With the generated force applied to the screw drivers you can now twist the lid off without the need of any sharp objects. For the initial experiment the Japanese makers tested it on a cheaper Pentium G4400 CPU. The seal between the two CPU was heated with a heat gun for three to five minutes as it was very strong. The makers suggest that if you are not able to open it in the first attempt you can use a heat gun in the second one to make it work.

3D printed CPU opener

The 3D printed opened is one of its kind and is the safest among all the techniques available. It is not one of the fooling techniques but the method comes with its own risks, with the risk of crashing the processor the 3Dprinted opener can also snap for the first time. Interested engineers can redesign the tools according to their requirements. The unique 3D printed opener took about twelve hours for printing with no further plans for sharing or selling the idea. Breaking the barriers opening a CPU the tools is worth a look.

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