First Medical-Grade 3D Printing System

As the world of 3D printing technology is on the upswing, the designers and creative artists have not rested on their laurels. The all-new 3D printing system by Create Orthotics and Prosthetics for amputees has gained attention in the medical industry and healthcare niche.  This 3D printer focuses on custom-made orthotics & prosthetics implants that are a blend of flexibility, durability, and an aesthetic appeal. Not only has this considerately-built printer beaten the outdated manufacturing technique that involved minimum of 5-6 appointments, it has also turned out as an affordable process.  The system includes the O&P 3D printer, a 3D scanner, 3D model slicing software and a large supply of filament.

First Medical-Grade 3D Printing System

With the aim of introducing a printer that is medical-grade, this efficient 3D printer based on the Create’s proprietary technology empowers clinicians to provide myriads of care options to the patients.

As clear from the name itself, 3D printing involves creating solid, three-dimensional objects via a digital platform. The process is additive, which means that layers upon layers of material are laid down in succession until the desired object is created, in this case – prosthetics and orthotics.

First Medical-Grade 3D Printing System

This easy-to-use 3D printing system can print eight different devices including inner sockets, diagnostic sockets, wrist braces, partial hands, fingers and leg covers, just to name a few. Available in an all-in-one kit, this device covers the whole process i.e. from 3D scanning of the affected body part to 3D printing the prosthetic itself.

Create O&P works in a systematic way with an In-house team of diligent designers and expert consultants that work meticulously to modify each and every piece to perfection. In a matter of few hours involving the multifarious scanning and printing processes, the O&P are ready to go and even have a customized finishing.

First Medical-Grade 3D Printing System

Offering an easy way of streamlining the whole process, this 3D printing device takes the pressure off the specialists at hospitals. It’s good for the clinician too. All of the logistics are removed and the prosthetic is produced on site within hours of taking the initial scan. As per Create O&P estimates, this printing process is a reasonable option than outsourcing the design to a print company that can handle the medical-grade requirements.3D printing promises great opportunities ahead.

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