Flexible 3D Printed Dress In One Print

17 Dec

Flexible 3D Printed Dress In One Print

We all like to dress well to look good, obviously it gives lots of confidence when its comes to fashion technology innovation and creativity plays an major role to be successful and get noticed.. 3d printed dress has been in the talk for a long while but wearing the 3d printed dress was not so comfortable and it was not wearable straight away from 3d printer, it need assembling as well multi prints clubbed together.

3d printed dress

But researchers in addictive manufacturing technology will always find a way to overcome the obstacles a group of team members from shapeways used non-toxic nylon plastic to print a wearable dress straight \away from 3d printer which has come successfully.

“This is the first 3D-printed dress that was wearable straight out of the machine. We were able to do this because we used simulation to compress our design into an efficient form factor for printing as a single part." Said Rosenkrantz.

Using SLS process team made this dress after almost 2 days but it was worth. With a specific end goal to make a solitary piece dress, the group composed it to have a great many interlocking segments made out of 2,279 triangular boards connected by 3,316 pivots. On account of every one of those pivots, the dress really moves similarly as an ordinary bit of fabric.

They have not stopped here and processing to bring customized size dresses like miniskirts and many more.

Image Credit:Shapeways

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Flexible 3D Printed Dress In One Print
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