Formwurx 3D Printing Studio, Café & Learning Zone

3d printing applications are endless, starting from fun, engineering, it extends to medical and even aerospace and many more. Survey says the 90% of people those who own a 3d printer are new to 3d printing technology and still they doesn't have in depth knowledge about 3d printing , as diy kit is the best learning experience for beginners most of newbie prefer Do It Yourself Kits.


As I said the applications are endless but many people still doesn't utilize it to the fullest. Knowing the opportunity and future of 3d printing many individuals are running a small scale business around selling 3d printers, selling 3d printed objects, files and many more. likewise Jason Spiller from Newcastle united kingdom has started formwurx 3D print café, studio and learning zone for people living in Newcastle can purchase 3d prints, 3d scan and 3d model your items and eventually print and interested people can learn about 3d printing technology from experienced people in the formwurx 3d print cafe.


Jason Spiler has in depth knowledge and experience in 3d printing technology as he decided to share his knowledge to others at an affordable price by setting up a studio in Newcastle and the result is the formwurx 3d print cafe, studio and learning zone.

3d printing is realizing a democratization of the outline and assembling procedure whereby anybody with a touch of information about the 3d configuration procedure can turn into a creator and have their manifestations prototyped at a far lower expense than was beforehand conceivable. 3d printing and examining innovation is getting to be less expensive, more precise, and more available to the overall population and formwurx need's to be the first business to run in Newcastle.


They have planned to provide the following service based on fund flow from Indiegogo:

  • 3d scanning/3d modeling/ 3d printing service at an affordable price for all kinds of people from individuals to business community
  • Selling 3d printing accessories such as filaments and many more and even 3d printers
  • Experienced, well trained team will be there to assist and share about 3d printing
  • Planning to conduct events on regular intervals where the 3d modeling/designing/printing process will be demonstrated.
  • They are not just going to sell printers further they will come along with you to home or company to help you in assembling the kit and assist you to 3d print your first object. Now that’s new to 3d printing world, I personally know how difficult it is to assemble and 3d print a quality object for the first time, Although I’m experienced now, in beginning it took 4 to 5 error prints for me to get my first quality print.


They have set four levels of tier, and to kick things off they need a minimum of £50,000 which is tier1, overall it has four different tiers, the tier 4 is the highest level where they have aimed the maximum of £200,00 in which it has highest rewards. For more information and to support visit


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