From iPhone to i(eye)Opener

12 Jun

From iPhone to i(eye)Opener

oDocs, a New Zealand based eye care specialists has dedicated their objective for the treatment and prvention of blindness, focusing on 3rd world countries who do not have basic medical facilities. Now this dedicated group has launched 2 new products which will be released in the market soon, they are visoClip and the visoScope both 3D printed that are designed to work with Apple iPhone's for anterior and retinal eye examinations.

oDocs is a fairly new company founded in 2014 by Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong and Dr. Benjamin who have a burden of spreading awareness and a solution for the 285 million visual impairment and blindness around the world. Their dream to create portable, low-cost eye care kits that could easily be deployed to remote areas and were more financially accessible than existing eye-care equipment, which can cost upwards of ten thousand dollars.

The visoClip is a small 3D printed clip that can fit on the iPhone camera lens, the special lense on the visoClip is capable of 10x magnification as well as a 15mm wide light beam with changeable optical filters (in white or cobalt blue), this successfuly transforms the iPhone into an anterior segment microscope which is used to visualize the front third of the eye in high-resolution. The design is waterproof and can be used to capture acute corneal lesions, the small design is portable, which is more cheaper and portable than the slit lamp microscopes at a price range of $149.00.

visoClip and the visoScope

The visoScope transforms the iPhone into a retinal imaging device using its specalized optics. Its a simple clip on which is attached over the iPhone’s camera and flash, and with its high quality anti-reflective crown lens, users can visualize a 50° field of view of the patient’s eye. The visoScope offers a comparable view to that of a fundus camera, but is portable, and much less costly.

visoClip and the visoScope?

The visoScope comes in 3 variants / models

  • visoScope RP ($249) - entry level, laser sintered from a Nylon SLS material
  • visoScope PX ($325) - most popular, Polyurethan molding process and which has an easy to clean surface
  • visoScope MX ($495) - precision CNC-machined out of Acetal, a high quality resin with very good mechanical properties.

oDocs is currently accecpting pre-orders thourgh its official website ( and hope to ship by November 2016. The visoClip and the visoScope are designed to fit over Apple’s smart phone products, including the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus, and SE.

Image Source:Odocs Eye care

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From iPhone to i(eye)Opener
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