Future of 3D Printing in Automotive Industry

06 Jan

Future of 3D Printing in Automotive Industry

3d printing previously used for testing and modeling to get ideas. Mass production and applying 3d printed models was lacking before, but not anymore additive manufacturing is going to have one heck in coming years, many leading automotive companies have started using 3d printed parts.

High volume of 3d printed parts is quite possible in the day to-day trend and obviously automotive industry is keen to apply in their models as some of leading companies are collaborating with 3d printing industries.

3d printing in automotive industry

A Smartech leading company in analysis and forecasts of 3d printing has provided valuable data that business for a 3d printing in the automotive industry will be huge in next five years. The overall recent benefit of the automotive industry’s 3d printing, publishing operates is all about $267 million, yet in which quantity might be anticipated to expand $1. 20 million by 2019.

Certainly the destination of 3d printing regards to car assembling is in the creation of end-use parts in both metals, elite thermoplastics, and propelled materials. Despite the fact that the auto business as a rule is still a long way from boundless use of the innovation for these reasons, Users in the business are now exploring different avenues about the idea.

Scott Dunham a research analyst from smartech has previously visited Ford company where he came to know that Ford have three industrial 3d printing machines through which they have tested many models to launch cars and other motors in coming years.

It seems nothing will stop the growth of 3d printing technology.

Image Credit:BMW

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Future of 3D Printing in Automotive Industry
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