Game of Thrones Season 6 premiers with a 3D printed dagger

30 Apr

Game of Thrones Season 6 premiers with a 3D printed dagger

With each passing day the3D printing technology finds its applications to new things now and then. With the latest season Six of the HBO drama Game of Thrones, Shapeways have revealed their prop-building role in the opening episode of the season that aired last Sunday night on HBO. The 3D printing technology was used by Shapeways to create the Ellaria Sand’s “Drone Dagger” and was made with the Frosted Ultra Detail printing material. The 3D printed dagger was then hand painted by the Game of Thrones Weapon Master Tommy Dunne.

3D printed dagger?

The highly anticipated and hugely popular fantasy drama of HBO made its come back to the small screen last weekend. The 1St episode of the Season 6 continued where it ended in the last season and with all the predictably unpredictable circumstances moreover with all the essential amounts of nudity, violence and most importantly the 3D printed dagger. Ellaria Sand’s dagger was one of the secret projects of the Netherland and New-York based Shapeways, also the audience while watching had no clue that the dagger was 3D printed. Shapeways 3Dprinted the miniature weapon with its Frosted UltraDetail Plastic the dagger was then sent to the shows prop designer for a spectacular paint job. The material is made from a UV cured acrylic polymer, and provides a high resolution of 29 micron layers.

The 3D printed dagger was used in a shocking scene within the kingdom of Dorne, where Ellaria Sand—paramour of the late Oberyn Martell— suddenly plunged a hidden dagger into a character who was both closely related to her and (seemingly) vital to show’s plot. The weapon that was utilized in the scene, which is called Ellaria’s Dagger, was actually created with the help of the 3D printing marketplace and service provider Shapeways.

Though House Martell from the desert region of Drone is relatively new addition to the Game of Thrones, but due to its gathering of sexually adventurous, politically branched and ferociously fervent citizens its has rapidly become fan favorites. The elements of the Dornish sets and the characters have a very contrasting and recognizable aesthetics of the results of the years of behind the scene labor. It has also preserved the incredible level of details in their current season too. The GoT prop team decided to collaborate with Shapeways in order to 3D print Ellaria Sand’s Dorne Dagger, which is a deadly weapon concealed in an ornate bracelet. The finished look of the dagger s so realistic that no one would have thought of it being 3D printed.

Most talented trio of designers worked on designing the 3D printed Dorne Dagger like the 3D designer Sean Forsyth, Weapons Master Tommy Dunne, and bronze art specialist David O’Brien. After the dagger was designed it was sent to Shapeways for creating a master piece, where the GoT fans printed the object with a Multijet Modeling (MJM) 3Dprinting process. Them the 3D printed colorless dagger was sent back to the GoT prop team where Dunne give the dagger its incredibly realistic and detailed bronze effect finish.

3D printed dagger?

Dunne further explained.  “I have always wanted to incorporate 3D Printing into armory, and this was our first chance. The outcome of the Dorne Dagger far exceeded my wildest dreams from our original drawing concept, so it was a great first experience in using this technology in our field. It was a delicate scene to shoot, but the producers of the show loved the dagger so we’re really happy with the results.”

More interestingly the marriage between 3D printing and Got doesn’t end here. Remember Laurent Bernadac’s incredible 3D printed Violin called the 3Dvarius. With this 3Dvarius he performed the classic cover of U2’s With or Without You. The musician has also produced a number of other covers and made a name for himself. His most recent cover is the jazzed-up version of the classic Game of Thrones theme song.

After this success with the 3D printed dagger, there will be many more scenes where 3D printed props will be used in the Game of Thrones fantasy world.

Image Credit:Macall B. Polay &Helen Sloan& HBO

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Game of Thrones Season 6 premiers with a 3D printed dagger
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