Get fast and detailed scan data with FARO's 3D scanner

14 Sep

Get fast and detailed scan data with FARO's 3D scanner

The new handheld color laser scanner from 3D scanning giant FARO, comes with a promise of better and faster scans with improved colors and precise attention to detail. The scanner is called Freestyle3D Objects and is intended for product design markets, forensics and public safety departments. The Florida-based 3D scanning equipment provider, FARO, has managed to establish itself as a dependable name in the niche with its Focus3D scanner and several other 3D scanning solutions with the Freestyle3D being its much appreciated latest offering.

What to Expect from the new Freestyle3D Objects 3D scanner?

Faro 3D Scanner?

The company plans to leverage its existing BIM/CIM Freestyle3D Scanner Series construction whilst offering a bundle of some new and exciting features that are meant to facilitate point cloud registration and tracking. Designed specifically for assisting in crime and crash scene investigation, this handheld 3D laser scanner is flexible enough to be used in reverse engineering as well as an array of other 3D scanning situations. Freestyle3D Objects handheld scanner comes with an impressive scan range of 0.3 to 0.8 meters and verified accuracy of 0.5 mm which makes it suitable for scanning mid-sized objects.

Where can the Handheld Scanner be Used?

The Freestyle3D Objects 3D scanner is ideal for scanning anything from wind generation components to molded plastic items and even the insides of a vehicle after a crash as it scans the geometry of targeted object into an HD color point cloud. You can use this handheld scanner for documenting historical artifacts, creating 3D blueprints of critical infrastructure and archiving wood casting patterns.

Faro 3D Scanner?

Freestyle3D Objects Handheld 3D Scanner has Some Impressive Features to Offer

Experts and people who use 3D printing technology are positive about the success of this innovative handheld 3D scanner as it includes an array of features such as optional on-site calibration which supports intuitive data acquisition as well as generation of a PDF report that can be used to verify the data.

Freestyle3D Objects is compatible with the dedicated FARO software that allows it to provide a large scale meshing tool as the user is able to receive data created in FARO’s SCENE software, version 6.1 which was introduced last week. Data can also be exported into other end user applications. This software is capable of generating 3D meshes in a number of formats including .WRL, .OBJ, .STL and PLY that can be used for 3D printing. Currently, the Freestyle3D Objects is only available through FARO Early Adopter program.

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Get fast and detailed scan data with FARO's 3D scanner
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