Get ready to drive in a 3d printed car from Local Motors

28 Mar

Get ready to drive in a 3d printed car from Local Motors

Seriously, if someone asks you to drive a complete 3d printed car on a highway, what would be your reaction? Obviously it’s not far away for people to use 3d printed cars in their day to day use, but certainly as far everyone would hesitate to drive a 3d printed car.

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For all doubters a company called Local motor located in phoenix, AZ showed the whole world, a fully functioning 3d printed car back in 2014 September at the (IMTS) International Manufacturing technology show. Wondering how long it took to 3d printed the whole car? It just took 44 hours to print the car, for stronger material they 3d printed using ABS plastic and strengthened with carbon fiber. Other than the batteries, wire, motors, everything is 3d printed, including the frame, exterior, interior structures are 3d printed.

Local Motors are driving now in top gear and racing towards selling the 3d printed car among people to utilize it. In a recent interview with Chief Strategy Officer Justin Fishkin, interviewed by Brian Krassenstein revealed their future plan for next five years. Local motors have also started a community where common people like you and me can participate in designing the car and well you can earn for each sale if your design is taken for granted.

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Local motors have planned to enhance their market by opening 50 factories all over the world such as in Los Angeles, Detroit, Berlin, Singapore, and South Korea and many more.

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Fishkin has also informed about their plan to reveal 3 to 4 models in near future, but certainly not strati car the one we saw 6 months before at the IMTS. With better design from the community designers they will launch 3 to 4 models. Even better, they forecast to print and assemble in 12 hours, now that’s quick and we should probably stop saying that additive manufacturing is a time consuming one.

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While asking about the materials, Fishkin replied that they are currently using ABS/PLA enhancing with carbon fiber and in future they might use the graphing (a crystalline allotrope of carbon) along 3d printed metal. Let’s just wait and see how far the 3d printed car goes once it reaches the people.

Image credit:Local motors Inc.

Chris Joel (Author)

Get ready to drive in a 3d printed car from Local Motors
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