Google invests $20 million to help disabled people

28 May

Google invests $20 million to help disabled people

Google, The best search engine we will ever find. Is there anything that Google can’t display the information we seek, it almost crawls and fetch all data’s and provides us the best information we need. It is an best market to find the best products you need, it helps you to buy, it helps you sell. Starting from Google web search, Google Map, AdWords, Adsense, YouTube, image search, Video search, news, blogs, picasa, Gmail, Google plus, Google Earth, Google drive, Docs, Drawings, and the list goes on and most of these are free except google AdWords through which you run your business for profit.

enabling the future?

And now Google is investing some $20 million in (a nonprofit organization) for disabilities around the globe. According to their data they released there are some one billion people live with disabilities and Google is ready to give hand to help them. They believe that technology and humanity can make this world a better place for every single person.

enabling the future?

So they announced an open statement Via Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities “We’re putting $20 million in grants behind nonprofits using emerging technologies to increase independence for people living with disabilities, and today we’re issuing an open call to identify new areas of opportunity” Google said in their official blog.

Prosthetic hands

The technology they have selected is none other than 3d printing technology where the cost is less yet deliver high quality products that fits the individuals. To start things off Google has allotted $600,000 for e-NABLE community a team of volunteers who helps disabled people by providing prosthetic 3d printed using 3d printer. By means of providing dollars to e-NABLE community, they will be able to offer better service to the disabled people who needs prosthetic hands.

enabling the futture?

Similarly, Google has funded a $500,000 to a World Wide Hearing organization to develop and distribute a low-cost yet high quality tool kit for hearing purpose using smart phone technology, thus this will help some 360 million people worldwide who have disabling hearing loss.

Google will support both e-NABLE community and World Wide Hearing organizaton to meet their goal of making disabled people to have a comfortable life just like us.


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Google invests $20 million to help disabled people
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