Google’s Project Ara not mingling up with 3Dsystems racetrack

29 Dec

Google’s Project Ara not mingling up with 3Dsystems racetrack

Google, which signed a contract with 3D systems, has announced that they might not use the 3Dsystems printer for its Project Ara. Back in early 2014 Google and 3Dsystem has signed up a new contract for making miniature components for Google ambitious Project Ara which is aiming to launch the new modular smart phone.

But since Google has planned to release in the next month of 2015, it’s not possible to use 3d printing process along with “Project Era” so they are currently using the polycarbonate with dye sublimation.


According to Paul Eremenko said, “We did in fact look at making the shells using 3D printed materials that offer an extra degree of customization… As it turned out; there is a little ways to go in the 3D printing space. So for now, we are using polycarbonate with dye sublimation as the aesthetic elements of the device.”

Eremenko feels that 3dsystems process cannot be used for smartphones since it is not ready to use, but the main key success of our addictive technology is the upgrades it has been seen so far. In fact 3dsystems ongoing project racetrack was started before it signed up with Google, though it announced that it they are not using 3d printing for now, 3D systems will continue to work on their project and will launch it for sale next year. This 3d printer will print 50 times faster than available in the current market now.

We just have to wait till next year for the release of Google and 3dsystems products and it’s not too far for 2015.

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Chris Joel (Author)

Google’s Project Ara not mingling up with 3Dsystems racetrack
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