Grab a coffee with Stephen Fry thanks to 3D printed coffee art

09 Apr

Grab a coffee with Stephen Fry thanks to 3D printed coffee art

One of the top Comedian, actor and TV host Stephen Fry is one that the UK residents dream of sharing a coffee with. To make this dream a reality CEL makers of Robox 3D printer, have recently created a 3D printed coffee stencil of Stephen's face so that anyone can have their coffee with the side of Fry. In order to find who would be the celebrity the residents would like to share a coffee with, they decided to take a poll. 2,000 Brits were polled to see what would their answer be.

Stephen Fry is a Golden Globe nominee and is also known for his roles in Blackladder, Kingdom and is a host of te BBC quiz show Q1 and he also won the poll with 24% of votes. Not really will the buzy actor have the time to squeeze into the 2,000 plus coffee dates with his admirers. Special thanks to 3D printing for atleast given us the honor of pretending on being with him.

D printed coffee art?

The British 3D printer manufactured CEL is known for creating Robox plug and print desktop 3D printers. It collaborated with the UK Coffee Week to feature the beloved actors face. The stencil is to be simply placed over the cuppa joe and you can sprinkle the topping of your choice.

Other participant who is a wildlife and nature presenter David Attenborough and Professor Brian Cox came in the 2nd and 3rd place in the coffee date poll with 23% and 17% respectively. Apart from them Dame Judi Dench, J. K. Rowling and David Beckham also had a fair share of votes in the poll.

One of the major finding of the poll was that UK's top coffee is latte (25)% breaking the stereotype of tea being the nation's favourite hot beverage where as two thirds of the population opt for coffee and not tea.

The UK's coffee week takes place from April 11th to 17th. It is an an initiavtive and a nation wide campaign to create awareness about the need for fresh water and basic sanitation throughout the developing countries worldwide .

“You can’t make coffee without fresh water - but more importantly we can’t live healthy lives without fresh water either, " said Stephen Fry, now the literal face of the fundraising campaign. “It is our most precious resource, so I am very proud to be a part of any initiative which extols the virtues of coffee with friends while helping provide fresh water for those who most need it.”

3D printed coffee art

Project Waterfall is an initiative that was established to bring clean water and sanitation to the communities that grow coffee around the world. The funds that will be raised from the coffee week will directly go to the Project Waterfall.

The stencil of Stephen Fry was designed in TinkerCAD and is also available for free download to be 3D printed at home. Not only will it raise funds for th campaign but will also be giving away their 50 limited edition coffee stencils via Twitter feed.

The 3D printed stencil of Stephen Fry was designed in TinkerCAD, and is available as a free download to be 3D printed at home. So dreaming of sharing a coffee with Fry is now a reality for his loyal fans giving them a chance to sort of live their dream. It's can be the perfect jumpstart for the day.


Image Credit:Cephas Azariahc

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Grab a coffee with Stephen Fry thanks to 3D printed coffee art
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