Gun dealer created first ever 3d printed plastic silencer

20 Mar

Gun dealer created first ever 3d printed plastic silencer

Probably just like me, many wouldn’t have had a chance to see the gun, Rifol and many more, to be frank I have seen guns only in action movies. The gun is to discharge the projectiles and it is effected by the activity of gas weight, either delivered through the fast burning of a force or packed and put away by mechanical means, working on the shot in an open-finished tube.

Gun with silencer

When the primer upon being struck by a firing pin it creates the pressure wave from the rapidly expanding propellant gases and fires the projectile. It creates huge noise and that is why many gun shooters prefers silencers also known as suppressors to reduce the noise, although suppressors cannot control the mute the sound, it can reduce the sound about 14.3-43 decibels depending on the projectile.

3d printed silencer

3D printing has allowed a firearm dealer West Fork Armory to create a first ever made 3d printed plastic silencer on his own for his .2LR rifle, there are very few useful aspects such as it doesn’t need to be cleaned and took just a few hours to 3d print one silencer using plastic filament, the silencer was quite convincing to West Fork Armory.

Almost every country has their own rules and regulations to own a gun, silencer. One person should have proper license under his name to have such harmful weapon and components. In United States Of America for ordering a silencer one should apply to Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives, only after their approval one can order silencer.

It’s an entirely different scenario when it comes West Fork Armory case, as they decided to create his own silencer he need to apply Special Occupational Tax Class license and that’s exactly what he did to escape from felony charges.

Image & Video Credit:Dustin Ellermann&youtube

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Gun dealer created first ever 3d printed plastic silencer
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