HAL brings 3d printing components for 25-KN aircraft engine

14 Feb

HAL brings 3d printing components for 25-KN aircraft engine

Although India is slow in applying 3d printing technology compared to other leading countries, the interest and progress Indians show towards 3d printing technology looks promising that they will make an impact just like China and Japan, we have also been seeing many students and doctors have started using additive manufacturing recently in India. And now 3d printing has been applied in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for making high quality critical components.

HAL has been developing the project for more than six years and it went quite expected as they thought, and minor obstacle came when a supplier backed off from this project, instead of looking for another supplier to provide components for a twenty five- kilonewton aircraft engine they decide to do create on their own and here’s where the 3d printing technology comes into play as they 3d printer to make those critical parts for aircraft engine.

3d printed components

The chairman of HAL “T.Suvarna Raju” wants to make this military aircraft company to produce world class products as he improved the area of Research and Development department and allow them to develop everything on their own which will ensure the Made-in-India labels in their products. The aircraft engine is worth of $73 million USD where 3d printing comes to play will certainly make the progress more enthusiast.

The engine will be kept for display at Asia’s Premier Air Show next week. 3d printing is the technology that enhances other technologies just like enhancing twenty five-Kilonewton project.

Image Credit:Jeremie M. Yoder for U.S. Navy

Chris Joel (Author)

HAL brings 3d printing components for 25-KN aircraft engine
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