HP Soon To Launch Innovative 3D Printer

09 Oct

HP Soon To Launch Innovative 3D Printer

HP Will Launch Innovative 3D Printer Sooner From A New Company Named HP Inc

We all knew HP is working on 3d printing technology for past 1 year or more, and the latest information we heard from HP was they are trying to work on the speed and different print material which no one have ever introduced, they further expressed the progressions will singularly identify with 3d printing engineering in expert fields.


hp 3d printing


Glass Print:

Hp wants to hit the 3d printing market with a bang. They don’t want any more of the usual print of plastic which other companies providing now. Researchers from HP are now working on an innovative print material called Glass print which is a total new concept for 3d printing.

“HP Labs’ research into printing of inorganic materials is working towards hybrid printing of glass (and other inorganic materials) onto items that are already mass produced."

Since some 3d Printing company are providing wooden print material as well metal printing this glass printing won’t bring big surprise but still it will give us a new dimension in this innovative technology.


hp 3d printing


And adding to the heat they are now splitting into two companies, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise will turn into HP's answer for systems administration, servers, programming and administrations. Current HP CEO Meg Whitman will turn into the president and CEO of this recently structured organization. This organization will be centered for the most part on corporate arrangements.

HP Inc. will turn into HP's new answer for Pcs, printers, and most interestingly 3d printers. This organization won't be controlled by Meg Whitman. While she will get to be administrator of the board for HP Inc., Dion Weisler will turn into the President and CEO of the recently shaped organization.

Whatever we are eagerly waiting from HP to launch their 3D printer pretty sooner.

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HP Soon To Launch Innovative 3D Printer
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