All Metal Chassis

The 3D printer requires a certain weight to insure the stable operation, so the metal chassis is the best for a 3D printer. All the CreatBot 3D printers use the unified rugged metal chassis and the usage of the unique one-piece solid process can insure the printer strong and precise. And it will keep the chassis do not deform in a very long-distance transportation.

Smart Adjustable Extruder

CreatBot extruders have intelligent cooling system, and this will keep the filament feeding at the optimal tempeature. The height-adjustable-nozzles design allows you to align multiple nozzles more quickly and easily, and this will insure the perfect coordination when you print your multi-color models. And CreatBot supports up to three heads.

Automatically Shutdown System

CreatBot 3D printer is equipped with a power management module, supports automatic shutdown after printing. When the printing is completed when there is no keyboard action within five minutes, the system will automatically turn off the printer. This feature is very useful, and also very energy efficient.

Exclusive Multi-function Keypad

CreatBot 3D printer is equipped with a multi-function keyboard, support ONE-CLICK direct access to a certain functions. The keyboard has 9 shortcut keys, each key have different functions in different situations. Support features include: Z shaft to move up and down, heating or cooling hot bed, suspend or resume printing, one click browse SD card, one click back to the main interface and other functions.

Gearmotors Feeder

Gearmotors can produce more torque compared to the general stepper motor, this can ensure the filament does not slip while wire feeding, this greatly ensure the feeding precision and retract accurately. Design of wire feed roller can not only ensure the wire feeding powerful can not hurt filament.

Ceramic Panel Hot Bed

Ceramic panel hot bed with unidirectional thermal characteristics which makes the heating area appeared only in a silica gel heating plate area, the thermal efficiency can be greatly improved, energy-saving. Ceramic panel smooth, looks more high-end atmosphere. Silicone heating panels also have a very long life.

Metal Hot Bed Tray

Metal hot bed tray have greater rigidity, which can ensure more less fibrillation while working. Metal bracket for fixing hot bed tray thickness up to 10mm, which makes the whole hot bed and body all blend into one harmonious whole, very strong.

Remote Wire Feed Architecture

The characteristic of remote wire feed architecture is that the wire feeding device is not on the head, which can ensure the lightest extrusion head, this architecture makes minimal inertia during printing, the additional space utilization is also the largest in such Architecture.