Fume Free

Up until now 3D printers have been quite unpleasant devices to have in the home, office or workspace due to the strong smell of heated plastic. The ZYYX 3D Printer tackles this problem by enclosing the print space and creating a slight pressure difference with the help of a low speed fan, with the outgoing air passing through an active carbon filter to remove the plastic smell. Print ABS in your living room or anywhere you want.

ZYYX Filament Monitor

Have you ever experienced a run out of filament on a large print or that the filament got tangled? The new ZYYX not only detects it, it pauses the print so you can fix the problem and resume printing. This feature is an eco friendly function both in that you can use up all of your filament without worrying about a failed print, and also in that you no longer have to throw away the half finished print if you get a tangle or a defect in your filament supply.

Enclosed for print stability

In addition to keeping your air fume free the enclosed printing space also keeps the print enviroment draught free and maintains a stable temperature in the build chamber. This will keep your prints in “golden” condition, free from tensions and other print defects.

Removable build plate

To make it easy for you to remove the finished model the build plate should be lifted out of the printer before removal of the printer object. This is facilitated by the use of magnets which hold the build plate in position during the print.

Strong print fan

The strong print fan will cool the plastic at the extrusion point to prevent curling.

Easy access to Print Head

The feeder wheel of the Print Head can be easily reached for maintenance by just pulling the print fan up.

No More Filament Jams

The ZYYX extruder is designed to prevent any heat creep, the hot end is thermally isolated from the feeder mechanism by a custom designed hot end holder in PEEK plastic. The filament is also isolated by a PTFE tube all the way down to the melt zone of the hot end.

Open source Sailfish firmware

The ZYYX 3D printer is integrated with a new version of the Sailfish open source firmware with new features developed by Magicfirm Europe. The Sailfish firmware is by many considered superior to the other 3D printer controller firmwares, and by using an open source software there is a broad foundation for ensuring a stable and bug free software. The new features developed by Magicfirm Europe are currently being implemented also in the main release of the Sailfish firmware in a cooperation with the creators of the Sailfish Software.