Leo Dijkgraaff


Perfect service and fast delivery to the Netherlands. Good job!

Jason Kong


My version: Dual extrusion + heated bed. Overall, I'm happy with it. I didn't go in to this with high expectations, but so far, the printer is doing quite well. Pros: - It's a reasonable piece of kit for this price. - There isn't too much play in the arms, so you can get reasonable quality prints after some tuning. - Shipping was really fast. - It's really cool to watch. =) Cons: - The effector that came with it didn't match the carriage spacing, which caused the effector to tilt. When I contacted the manufacturer, they sent me a replacement effector to print out, which works. - The 'print adhesion' tape is useless. Throw it out. I'm using buildtak on the glass bed, and that works much better

David Sylvester


You have to know exactly what you're getting at this price point. Out of the box it'll print. It'll never be able to use both extruders. I've already replaced the effector, arms, control board and power supply. The knock off e3d chimera is next, followed by the carriages. The bed mounts needed to be completely redesigned. There is no spool holder or parts cooling fan. I would never buy a discount kit like this again. It's cheaper and easier in the long run to source the parts myself. Since there is virtually no documentation, what I bought was a starting point. Almost a weeks worth of effort to turn this into a quality printer so far (not to mention another 400 on top of the purchase price). If this is your first printer, run far, run fast. If you need a project, meh?

Đylan Grullon


My first 3d printer, I am very happy with it. Came together in around 6-8ish hours, but I have spent many more than that learning how to calibrate and get the best performance out of my printer. Still haven't figured out the trick to clean dual extrusion as the bowden style setup is kindof leaky (a problem with most bowden extruders) but im sure I can figure out some good slicing settings to mitigate this TIP: if you get the dual extruder, have the fan always on (not actively controlled) or else the cold end will get too hot and the printer will constantly jam

Hugo Freire


The heat bed doesn't achieve more than 90º, after playing with eeprom configuration I was able to get 100º, you need more voltage to achieve 110º to print in ABS. The glass isn't perfect plane. There isn't instructions to connect the main board. Every email I sent to support was responded in 24h but after more than 10 emails with different issues no one give me a solution. This printer isn't for newbies.