Geoffre Bishop


Not sure about the stars; there were show-stopping problems, but we are led correctly to understand that a great deal of ingenuity & persistence _will_ assuredly be required. And it was. All is working quite well now, and the experience gained is invaluable (and to be gained in no other way). It appears that everybody has different problems from everybody else, so that no single change would assist all future customers; things are clearly vastly better than they were even a short few months ago. Keep up the good work! Geof Bishop Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Diego Leonel Guayasamin Mayorga


With the shipping all quiet a good experience, I had problems since the printer came incomplete and I still can not finish it and the supplier has not confirmed the sending of the missing pieces.



I bought this 3D printer kit on the recommendation of my friends who were already using this. After using the kit for over 2 weeks now, I have no doubt in my mind that this is an excellent product. Print quality is very good and all the tools and assembly parts came in good condition. 5 stars from my sideā€¦



This is the first online purchase for a 3D printer kit. I can say that this kit almost meets my requirements, although it has been priced a bit higher as compared to other similar products. But, the print output and operating ease are a few things, which have impressed me. Recommended.



I would like to give 4 stars to this product. This printer kit had all the tools that one would need for quick assembling. All the parts were properly packed. I am yet to use this on wood, but on ABS it is giving good results. The printer speed is a bit slow for me. Perhaps it will improve with the usage.