Piotr MajczyƄski


This printwr looks good bu instructions are verry unclear i am sending it to the local service in my country to calibrate and repair it

Timothy Wojciechowski


I love the printer. It assembled fairly easily using UTube. However, I have not been able to "talk" to the printer using HORUS app. I can use some help here.

Federico Ettlin


This is definitely a KIT. It is not difficult at all to assemble. Instructions are very good. Some of the parts may not match exactly with the pictures you see, but it works like a charm once everything is sorted. The good news is that there are tons of parts you can download and print to make this thing.

Highly recommended for enthusiasts.

Victor Kreiner


The team of 3d Printers Online Store as well as the producers (HE3d) were nice and fast with answering questions. The kit took only a week to arrive from China (I live in Italy) and after two more days the printer printed in very good quality Now, a month after purchasing and some more (hardware and software)calibration, the prints come out even better and faster. Many thanks to this shop and HE3d for the excellent support!

Geoffre Bishop


Not sure about the stars; there were show-stopping problems, but we are led correctly to understand that a great deal of ingenuity & persistence _will_ assuredly be required. And it was. All is working quite well now, and the experience gained is invaluable (and to be gained in no other way). It appears that everybody has different problems from everybody else, so that no single change would assist all future customers; things are clearly vastly better than they were even a short few months ago. Keep up the good work! Geof Bishop Calgary, Alberta, Canada