The He 3D - Auto leveling Delta 3D Printer kit is an amazing device for people in the 3D printer industry. It was easy to assemble and the instructions manual is easy to understand. It delivers awesome quality prints—clear and vibrant. The best thing is that this 3D printer kit is its affordable price. I am happy with my purchase. It saves a lot of precious time.

Karen J


I am new to this 3D printing business. After much exertion I bought this He 3D - Auto leveling Delta 3D Printer kit. It got delivered timely and was easy to set up. It works proficiently. The speed and prints are commendable. The advanced features like auto-calibration and auto-leveling makes the operation of this 3D printer easy. The best thing about this printer is the USB interface which makes the connectivity easy and accelerates production of my work.

Abbey Eaton


This is my first 3D printer, and my experience is pretty fine so far. I like its outer frame that is constructed with aluminum and laser precision cutting steel. The printing speed is a bit slowly which was annoying at the time of workload. Little expensive but compensates because of its various features and functions that it offers. Good printer to learn 3D printing!

Leah Mowbray


My lot of exertion in scouting about 3D printers ends here on this an astounding device. This printer is a great add-on in my working unit that is proficient and worthy. The auto-leveling and auto-calibration makes it quite easy to access.

This printer has commendable features and is different from its entire counterparts other than DIY printers available in the 3D prototyping market. The additional feature of this device which I like the most is its USB interface high-speed connectivity.

Xiu Juan P'eng


The device arrived in proper and orderly packed. Very easy and understandable kit! The quality of printing is far superior and impressive than expected. The customer service is excellent. It is a perfect printer with the great mechanism of auto leveling platform in the niche of 3D printers. It has an exceptional designing and layout of processing finest quality of 3D prints. Quite happy with the collection of 3D printers by 3D printer online store at the affordable market price!