Liam Clark


It’s a great machine!

This 3D printer is one of the best printers I have ever used so far. The print head material is really sturdy. It gives fine print outs with great printing speed. This is my third printer and I’ve never got impressed with all of those I’ve owned in the past. The printer has high borosilicate glass print plate, exceptional design quality and gives finest quality prints. A must-have machine for all the 3D printing fanatics. 



Seller just made a mistake with tracking numbers, everything OK

Mislav Mercone


It is hard to find deals like this. Bear in mind 3D printer kits are not for absolute beginners! Seller is excellent to communicate with and very helpful. Instructions are clear and understandable (sometimes in both Chinese and English). Kit parts and injection molding are accurate. Assembly is more-or-less straightforward (but it's my first time). This kit is very good bang for your buck.

Sophie Turner


It won’t be wrong to call Auto leveling Delta 3D printer unique in its niche as it comes with an integrated SD card and LCD monitor display. Though it might prove to be a little heavy on your pocket, it is fine for a wide variety of features that it offers. The auto-leaving and auto-calibration mechanism makes it quite easy to use.

The high speed extrusion machine is one more remarkable feature. Grab this electronic machine if you are a 3D print enthusiast.



Great seller, super helpful. This is my first ever 3D printer. I must warn you, it's a lot to take in, it takes some time. Building the machine took me an entire day, being precise is important so follow instructions. The seller will send you firmware and the PDF when you send them your email. My first ever 3D print was a cube for calibration, did 20mm in Y and 20mm in Z, 18mm in Z, VERY GOOD for a first try with auto bed leveling. If you have the time to read and want to learn, this is great, but be aware that it is a lot of new information. As said, great seller, great product, lots of fun, but also steep learning curve.