Packaging seemed good - no missing or broken parts. Assembly wasn't too difficult but instructions coild have been clearer. I had one issue with one motor but I emailed support and they got back to me in 20 minutes and helped me figure out the cable was wired wrong.

Prints are prettt impressive once calibrated. I do plan on upgrading a few things over time but I am happy with the kit as is for now.


Lara Ribeiro Lima


I would like to advise the He 3D that they should also provide a manual for beginners. I was unable to assemble and manage so many things. Also, I don’t know why the delivery was so late. But thanks to your support team, they solved all of my problems within some hours. I will say the printer has some really amazing features.

Syed Campbell


How easy this He 3D Printer is to use. The detailed manual was sufficient to assemble the printer. I even liked the packaging and none of the parts were faulty. The prints were smooth and clear. I have already started recommending this wonderful printer with multi-filament compatibility and auto leveling to my friends.

Lora F. Finn


He 3D Delta printer is one of the most amazing devices. This is a perfect kit in the printing sector. It came with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology that supports various production-grade thermoplastics or materials like ABS, PLA, HIPS and much more. I am so impressed by its print quality and dimensional accuracy of models. It has an auto-leveling feature that allows it to work remotely with commendable extrusion speed. This machine was the best buy so far.



It was a good printing experience with this 3D Printer. Some features were worth appraisals like the multi-filament compatibility and optional heatbed. Giving so much autonomy to the user was something which made Delta 3D Printer a worthy choice. But auto-leveling was the best feature along with the LCD Display. I had a little technical issue but the support team helped me a lot. Recommended!