Justin Wilson


Exceptional Print quality, Good build

I use the printer to print signs for my brother’s nursery. The He 3D Printer has helped me handle my work perfectly. My brother bought this delta printer and we couldn’t be happier with this investment.

This printer has an exceptional build and a print head made with high-grade copper and aluminum. I am pleased with its speed, resolution and compatibility options. Highly recommended!

Jessica Bell


“3D printers”, this very word triggers my imagination in the wildest possible ways and that one 3D printer that has actually caught my attention out of all the printers available in the market is Auto leveling Delta 3D Printer kit. Easy to set up and even easier to use, this 3D printer is a perfect amalgam of simplicity and technology.

As far as performance and efficiency is concerned, this 3D printer stands high on this test. You will be amazed by its 100mm/s printing speed that delivers a printing thickness of 0.05 mm to 4mm. it’s a great DIY kit for both beginners and experts.

Alex Beckman


I think this printer is a good deal for any 3D printer enthusiast. I really liked the auto-calibration and auto-leveling mechanism that makes its functioning smooth. It won’t be wrong to say that it’s unique in its niche. The printer delivers high quality prints.

I am a bit disappointed from its printing speed (which can be a little frustrating) but it is fine for the quality of prints it delivers. I also liked the integrated SD card and LCD display feature that gives accurate instructions and keep the user updated about what exactly is happening.

David Ford


I had no clue what it was and the friend who gave it as a gift came over to assemble it for me.

I would really tell you that I would have never been able to get thing working without his help. He also thought me how it works and after a training of more than a week I was able to print on it.

it needs a lot of learning to be able to get any print on it. I guess it’s because the technology is new. I have already had minor burns on the hand because I touched the extruder by mistake.

They should have cleared warning for people who are not sure what they are getting into.

Kim Gilmore


This is a great 3d printing Kit and is rightly called the best delta printer. The kit comes with everything needed to get the printer constructed and it does not take long if you have worked with electronic kits. The instruction CD was pretty helpful in getting the mechanical parts together. Most of the aluminum channels look of good quality, LCD works well even in day light and the offline printing works well with the SD card support.

I purchased one with heated bed and auto calibration as the later makes printing extremely easy and the heated bed allows me to print with more kind of plastics.

The printer is working as promised by the sellers and it looks amazing while in operation. I am super happy with my purchase.