Terry Alvarado


The printer packs some impressive features like auto-calibration and an LCD monitor display. An easy option of upgrading to automatic platform levelling and height detection makes life a lot easier. The only thing I didn’t like was the additional charge for this upgradation.

But the overall quality of prints is quite satisfactory. LCD screen display comes with smartly listed data including instructions and work progress is clearly visible. I had go through the instruction guide thoroughly once and after that it was not much trouble to get a decent quality print.

Jason Doyle


This is the 3rd 3D printer that I have bought and my experience is great so far. I am highly satisfied with the quality of prints and especially the printing speed. I ordered for this particular printer because I had read a lot of good reviews about it and most importantly I wanted to experiment with a delta printer.

The printer came in a nice packing. It was so easy to use it. I followed instructions mentioned on the packaging box and within an hour it was ready.

I liked the auto-leveling and auto-calibration mechanism too. It works well. All this comes at an affordable market price. I am quite happy as a customer.

Liam Clark


It’s a great machine!

This 3D printer is one of the best printers I have ever used so far. The print head material is really sturdy. It gives fine print outs with great printing speed. This is my third printer and I’ve never got impressed with all of those I’ve owned in the past. The printer has high borosilicate glass print plate, exceptional design quality and gives finest quality prints. A must-have machine for all the 3D printing fanatics. 



Seller just made a mistake with tracking numbers, everything OK

Mislav Mercone


It is hard to find deals like this. Bear in mind 3D printer kits are not for absolute beginners! Seller is excellent to communicate with and very helpful. Instructions are clear and understandable (sometimes in both Chinese and English). Kit parts and injection molding are accurate. Assembly is more-or-less straightforward (but it's my first time). This kit is very good bang for your buck.