Rakib Hasan on 02/08/2015
83 reviews
It takes approx 1 week to arrive, everything is perfect, from the package to the printer. with pro kit you will receive almost everything, you just need a couple of Allen key and a screwdriver and you will assemble a perfect printer, very stable. moreover seller is incredibly fast and accurate, usually he takes just a couple of hours to reply. believe me. buy this printer
Robert Wilson on 01/08/2015
83 reviews

I received this printer two weeks back. This printer kit is low-priced compared to others. The hardware is sound and can be operated easily.  The printer has a nice design and is apt for keeping anywhere in my living space. 

Pros - Fluent printing process, higher precession, high-speed extrusion machine, integrated SD card and LCD monitor display.

Cons - Requires some configuration, warping issues, small bugs and errors exist.

The machine is not for the dummies. It takes lot of adjustment work to get high quality and precise sizing. For professionals, it is an appliance worth investing in. 

Lisa Willcox on 29/07/2015
83 reviews
He 3D is the best value for money delta printer I have seen, it’s got everything that you can ask for and more. The Auto-leveling and auto-calibration feature is just awesome; you don’t find it in even in some high end printers. I would certainly recommend it if you are alright working with DIY kits.
Thomas Ryan on 20/07/2015
83 reviews
The printer was a fun project to assemble in about a week of spare time, from unboxing to assembly to calibration and setting up the software. It's kind of like an inticrate lego kit, with pieces that are very easy to assemble with clear instructions, it just takes a while.

After assembly and getting the software to work (including unplugging it and plugging it back in, rebooting, stuff like that until it worked perfectly) it works great, and I now have a very cheap but very powerful delta 3D printer.

Anthony Celender on 05/07/2015
83 reviews
it's a great delta 3d printer for the price! Print quality is comparable to high end delta printers if you take time to tune it up. Don't expect out of the box printing, but it's a great learning tool and there are plenty of knowledge on forums/wikis to help you get through it. i recommend 3dprintersonlinestore for fast shipping and series of best desktop 3d printers.