Nashwa Sundus Najjar


This is my first 3D printer; therefore I had no knowledge of assembling it! It took me almost 5 hours to build this machine. Also, I am not at all satisfied with the speed of this printer. As a beginner, I enjoyed working on it and believe it is a genuine product. I just wish it had a heated print bed.

Jami A. Stuart


After working on my friend’s Printrbot Play, I was apprehensive about choosing this ‘affordable’ printer.  But right after using it for the first time, I was happy with my decision.

  It is easy to install and use! The plus point is that it offers auto-leveling and auto-calibration. As a hobbyist, I absolutely loved using this printer and would recommend this printer to all my friends.

Joseph M. Stewart


I am more than satisfied with the performance of this 3D printer. It is easy to setup, just need to follow the instructions on the manual and starts performing seamlessly. The prints generated are exact replicas of the original ones.

The outer frame is made of aluminum making it very sturdy and this printer delivers laser precision cutting. If you are looking for a low maintenance printer at an affordable price then this is a printer that you should definitely consider.

Niam Mercone


One of the best printers I have ever used and I have rundown many printers in the last decade. I am impressed with the superior quality and high speed. Auto-leveling and auto-calibration mechanism is the USP of this smart 3D printer.

The high quality borosilicate glass print plate delivers the best prints. It was delivered before schedule and compactly packaged. I simply followed the manual of instructions and was able to assemble it in an hour.

I am satisfied as a customer and recommend it all 3D printing enthusiasts.

Terry Alvarado


The printer packs some impressive features like auto-calibration and an LCD monitor display. An easy option of upgrading to automatic platform levelling and height detection makes life a lot easier. The only thing I didn’t like was the additional charge for this upgradation.

But the overall quality of prints is quite satisfactory. LCD screen display comes with smartly listed data including instructions and work progress is clearly visible. I had go through the instruction guide thoroughly once and after that it was not much trouble to get a decent quality print.