Pan Doras


Great Printer! Doesn't take a rocket scientist to put it together either! It's easy to upgrade too. Great value! I'd recommend to anyone! The auto-level probe has been an awesome tool for improving ease of printing, but I would suggest that some split washers/spring washers/springs be added between the bed ends and the bed so the print bed can be adjusted easily.

Przemo Gwiazda


I am a doctor and was experimenting with Dicom data to get some printed models of the heart. We at our hospital decided to get a 3D printer and a friend suggested this printer. We really have no previous experience with 3d printing and hence we wanted something that was not too difficult to use.

When we got the kit we had to get someone to get the printer assembles as there were so many parts that we were sure that we would not be able to get it working.

Once the printer was up we have printed dissection models of human hearts and that worked perfectly. We are now experimenting with complex hip bone structures; we plan to add more of these printers in our lab so that we can expand our research.

Jim O'Donnell


The company claimed that their printer was four times lesser price than competitors with same features and their claims are completely true. The printer is capable of printing at 50 microns and that’s amazing.

I purchased this printer as a replacement to my previous Prusa i3 kit that I destroyed, and I am proud I ended up with this delta printer. Its got an amazing LCD screen, the card reader works great and I would recommend you to add another $30 and get the automatic platform levelling and height detection addon.

What I do not like is that the printer is that’s its almost naked, and if the temperature outside reduces quickly the printed parts kind of warps.

Justin Wilson


Exceptional Print quality, Good build

I use the printer to print signs for my brother’s nursery. The He 3D Printer has helped me handle my work perfectly. My brother bought this delta printer and we couldn’t be happier with this investment.

This printer has an exceptional build and a print head made with high-grade copper and aluminum. I am pleased with its speed, resolution and compatibility options. Highly recommended!

Jessica Bell


“3D printers”, this very word triggers my imagination in the wildest possible ways and that one 3D printer that has actually caught my attention out of all the printers available in the market is Auto leveling Delta 3D Printer kit. Easy to set up and even easier to use, this 3D printer is a perfect amalgam of simplicity and technology.

As far as performance and efficiency is concerned, this 3D printer stands high on this test. You will be amazed by its 100mm/s printing speed that delivers a printing thickness of 0.05 mm to 4mm. it’s a great DIY kit for both beginners and experts.