Easy to put together and with great instructions. I could manage to get the pieces together in less than 24 hours.

The printer works well with most materials as I had upgraded it to heated bed and I could manage fine prints at 50 microns.

The only trouble I had was the opensource software; it sucks at slicing complex 3d models. I had to buy software to get that done which set me back by a few hundred dollars.

Ryno Jordaan


All I have ever had with this 3d printer kit is trouble. First the printer was delivered almost after a month, then the printer had bent aluminium parts which took a week for replacement. The only good thing was that the customer support was understanding and helped me out without doubting my intentions.

It’s been over a month that I purchase the printer and have used it for just a day. I was expecting things to be lot more easier. I have my fingers crossed and hope all the issues with the printer are sorted now.

Roque Luis Alejandro


Item shipped quickly, satisfied with the quality. Wrong power cable shipped with unit, which is easily resolved. Other than that, no complaints.

Andrew Ash


The printer is good and has some amazing feature, it looks solid as well but the only issue I had was that it was in the form of a KIT.

I am not too good with these things and I took 2 days to get this thing together. The seller should give an option for a completely assembled product (for an added cost).

Once the printer was setup it worked at one go no issues at all. I have tried ABS, PLA and some copper fill filaments and all gave satisfactory prints.

Go for this printer only if you know how to get it up and running.

Sandro Petrone


Ten days between my order and the reception at home (Nancy Est of France) of the package on good condition, tht's perfect for me. After checking the package, all parts are quite sent, nothing seem to be broken and the quality of parts and equipment, correspond to the description saw on their website.

The assembly notice and the firmware software are not founded in, but I'm suppose that they will send me by email. Really happy with this deal, I can recommend this seller