Cyrus Foo on 25/06/2015
83 reviews
I received the printer 5 days after ordering. I live in Singapore. I would recommend this printer to a beginner. But have to do some minor googling for some clarification on the instruction from the kit, as the instruction given is 95% complete. Which is like most kit you can purchase from the market.

I have been using it for 2 months and is doing fine. Already done a few upgrades here and there and is even better and faster.

I got it for only $360 including shipping, I don't know if there is a cheaper and reliable for a delta type.

Cheers and happy printing.

Nicholas Cuevas on 01/06/2015
83 reviews
The assembly Manual is not up to date. Some Parts described do not exist - My Hotend was defect, even after endless discussions with the seller there was no solution
Mehmet Çetinkaya on 03/05/2015
83 reviews
Delivery is very fast. Packaging is very good. Quality of parts is good. Stepper motors are much better than many others. Installations instructions are mainly good except for some few points which need to be updated. Overall, a good transaction.
Federico Ettlin on 15/04/2015
83 reviews
This is definitely a KIT. It is not difficult at all to assemble. Instructions are very good. Some of the parts may not match exactly with the pictures you see, but it works like a charm once everything is sorted. The good news is that there are tons of parts you can download and print to make this thing.

Highly recommended for enthusiasts.

Victor Kreiner on 09/04/2015
83 reviews
The team of 3d Printers Online Store as well as the producers (HE3d) were nice and fast with answering questions. The kit took only a week to arrive from China (I live in Italy) and after two more days the printer printed in very good quality Now, a month after purchasing and some more (hardware and software)calibration, the prints come out even better and faster. Many thanks to this shop and HE3d for the excellent support!