Great seller, super helpful. This is my first ever 3D printer. I must warn you, it's a lot to take in, it takes some time. Building the machine took me an entire day, being precise is important so follow instructions. The seller will send you firmware and the PDF when you send them your email. My first ever 3D print was a cube for calibration, did 20mm in Y and 20mm in Z, 18mm in Z, VERY GOOD for a first try with auto bed leveling. If you have the time to read and want to learn, this is great, but be aware that it is a lot of new information. As said, great seller, great product, lots of fun, but also steep learning curve.

James Anson


This is the 3rd 3d printer for me and fortunately it was not as expensive as the others I have. The other printers are Cube 3d and Makerbot and both did really cost me a fortune.

I ordered this delta printer as I wanted to experiment with these kinds of printers and see if I get the same kind of quality I get from my other printers. I am delighted at the print quality and the kind of materials I can print on this printer.

The printing process is simplified as I do not have to calibrate Printer bed (which can be a real headache) on my other printers.

All-in-all this printer is amazing and the cost at which it sells is just unbelievable.

Smith Doyle


This delta style printer is a good printer for the money. It is a decent printer that works great for my office needs. 

The Good- The auto-leveling and auto-calibration features simplify the work to a great extent. Working at a speed of 100m/s, this 3D printer gives satisfying prints up to 50 microns of resolution. It is compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux and also possesses an SD card interface allowing you to print offline.

The Not so good- I found minor discrepancies in the mounting holes while I was setting it up on my desk. But, the overall build is tough. 

Overall, this printer is a smart machine with an attractive set of features.

Pan Doras


Great Printer! Doesn't take a rocket scientist to put it together either! It's easy to upgrade too. Great value! I'd recommend to anyone! The auto-level probe has been an awesome tool for improving ease of printing, but I would suggest that some split washers/spring washers/springs be added between the bed ends and the bed so the print bed can be adjusted easily.

Przemo Gwiazda


I am a doctor and was experimenting with Dicom data to get some printed models of the heart. We at our hospital decided to get a 3D printer and a friend suggested this printer. We really have no previous experience with 3d printing and hence we wanted something that was not too difficult to use.

When we got the kit we had to get someone to get the printer assembles as there were so many parts that we were sure that we would not be able to get it working.

Once the printer was up we have printed dissection models of human hearts and that worked perfectly. We are now experimenting with complex hip bone structures; we plan to add more of these printers in our lab so that we can expand our research.