Ozzie O Duyan


Manual is a little bit different and have to be updated. but almost quality and support from seller is excellent. I recommend this seller

Adam S


I'm very glad I bought this printer. Very solid construction. Prints quickly. Assembling gave me and my children a lot of fun. I had minor problems with the printer configuration but the seller very reliable, fast responding and helping to solve problems. I recommend this printer.



A warning for the inexperienced... this is not the printer for you! If you have never built a 3D printer before (let alone a Delta) do not even consider this kit. Video tutorials are time lapsed and poorly shot, so you can't really tell what is going on most of the time. Hardware goes together relatively easy but good luck trying to figure out wiring and software and firmware with out A LOT of forum diving and YouTube. He3D Manufacturer is less than helpful. They do send a little note in the package saying that they will help and to just contact them, but they do not respond to email AT ALL. The only way to contact He 3D is over Skype chat and that is only if you repeatedly try to video call them and they get tired of that and decide to throw you a bone.

Maria Garcia


Great value for the price

I am pursuing Diploma in Sculpture Design and was thinking to buy a 3D printer since past 2 months. I bought this printer on recommendation of one of my professors and I can’t be any happier.

It is an amazing piece of kit. I love its build style, design and quality. It is cheaper without compromising with the specs. It has got high precision and fine print quality.

The incomparable service and customer support make this printer a highly recommended machine.

Eleni Kouk


I've had my printer for a week now and love the thing, Overall build time from un-boxing to full assembly was 2 days but then I had to keep referring to forum and youtube videos to be sure what I was doing was right. The instruction manual was not really helpful but once you have the printer setup the printing works fine.

I have purchased the one with dual nozzle and have printed with different material on both of them, and it worked. The 50 micron prints were breath taking but took too long to print.

I would certainly recommend this printer to all who are looking for a cheaper alternative to commercial 3d printers.