Hala Saffaye


Item arrived with no missing/broken parts. Delivery time was slow but item was shipped and arrived with in the expected window. 6 hours to assemble, 8 hours to get into printing (issue with my computer not the printer). print quality far superior then I would have expected on such a "cost effective" device.

I would buy another in feature.

Brian Schroeder


I bought this printer not expecting much because of the low price, but i was wrong. The printer works great! As soon as I assembled it I was printing. Design is robust and forgiving the only real tinkering has been with the software and you can download different ones for free. The team at 3dprintersonlinestore responds immediately to questions and even placed my order on Saturday. Thanks to all of you that have helped me.



I bought this 3D printer kit on the recommendation of my friends who were already using this. After using the kit for over 2 weeks now, I have no doubt in my mind that this is an excellent product. Print quality is very good and all the tools and assembly parts came in good condition. 5 stars from my sideā€¦



This is the first online purchase for a 3D printer kit. I can say that this kit almost meets my requirements, although it has been priced a bit higher as compared to other similar products. But, the print output and operating ease are a few things, which have impressed me. Recommended.



This is a good project if you are technically inclined and pretty good at assembling kits and working with something like Meccano. I found I had to "read between the lines" and improvise on some things with soldering and connectors. I found the instructions were mainly pictures with hardly any written commentary. I got the machine to move with Repetier software in manual mode, but calibration is a mystery at the moment! All in all, it is great investment for educational and research.