Nicholas Cuevas


The assembly Manual is not up to date. Some Parts described do not exist - My Hotend was defect, even after endless discussions with the seller there was no solution

Daniel Dreisbach


My son made this purchase to use for his senior project and it works great! We both worked together to build this kit and it was a good experience. He has "printed" several items, and it works quite well. It is taking some time to get used to how to use it, but he doesn't care. That's only normal with any new item. Arrived ahead of schedule also!

Cliff MellangÄrd


I bought this printer from 3dprintersonlinestore and the manufacturer he3d is very friendly and helps you out thru Skype and email if you need to. But honestly so is the machine well built and hardly needs support.

I had only one issue with the custom handeling my machine a bit rough but something I could solve my self. the great thing is that its more or less a reprap machine that uses ramps and mega 2560 like most other reprap machines. I also had a minor issue where one of the gt2 pulleys where a bit loss that I simply tighten by my self.

I can recommend this. you can see my unboxing here and sorry for the plumbers crack I noticed it after the unboxing.

Rob Celenza


Although I don't have it running my delta 3d printer at the moment, I love it! I have had some problems. This is a fantastic product but it really is not for everyone. It is difficult and frustrating at times when you cant get it to work. I would highly recommend having patience and a lot of prior experience including software experience.

Hala Saffaye


Item arrived with no missing/broken parts. Delivery time was slow but item was shipped and arrived with in the expected window. 6 hours to assemble, 8 hours to get into printing (issue with my computer not the printer). print quality far superior then I would have expected on such a "cost effective" device.

I would buy another in feature.