This is a good project if you are technically inclined and pretty good at assembling kits and working with something like Meccano. I found I had to "read between the lines" and improvise on some things with soldering and connectors. I found the instructions were mainly pictures with hardly any written commentary. I got the machine to move with Repetier software in manual mode, but calibration is a mystery at the moment! All in all, it is great investment for educational and research.



I would like to give 4 stars to this product. This printer kit had all the tools that one would need for quick assembling. All the parts were properly packed. I am yet to use this on wood, but on ABS it is giving good results. The printer speed is a bit slow for me. Perhaps it will improve with the usage.

Colby Collins


This printer is definitely worth the money, but the build guide was very very incomplete, and I am still trying to resolve some problems with it, but so(far I have had it for over 2 months now) I have gotten several very great prints. I would recommend this printer for anyone.



I am enthralled with the performance of this printer. Not only is this printer cost-efficient, but also very easy to assemble. It took me around two hours and I was done with it. The printing speed is mind-blowing. I can print 10 cases in a matter of few hours, which was not the case with the older printer. Since I am a product designing engineer and require the use of 3D printers frequently, I needed one with FDM based technology! He3D is exactly what I wanted.



He 3D is one good printer with amazing features. This one is a low-noise printer. I bought it last month only so can’t talk about the efficiency much. However, so far there has been no warping issue. The speed is fine and prints are precise. The printer actually gives finest quality of polished prints, whether in PLA or ABS. One drawback I found is with the build-up. I would suggest if they can introduce another version with larger buil-volume.