The printer arrived on time and was nicely packed too. I was able to gift it to my brother on his birthday due to its timely arrival. My brother told me that he is very happy with the LCD screen which works really well. He even told me that the printer is latest enough to print at 50 microns which is not there in the other 3D printers which he owns. The printer hanged thrice few days back while he was printing but he made few adjustments and the problem was sorted.



This printer is worth having. The Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology provides full support to different production-grade thermoplastics or materials like HIPS, PLA etc. With the availability of this technology I can print on various materials using a single printer. The print quality is superb and accurate. It is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux and I have never faced any problem while connecting the printer to these operating systems. The outer frame of the printer which is made of aluminum makes the printer a sturdy, reliable machine.



I like the manual of this printer. It has clear instructions and is very easy to understand. quality is good but the software doesnt work properly at times, I even contacted the customer care but got no solution to this issue. But apart from this the printer is really good.



I am happy and satisfied with the printer. The printer arrived 8 months ago and has proved to be sturdy and well made. The print head is made up of high quality copper and aluminum. I am very impressed with the print outs which are of high resolution and very accurate. I get exactly whatever shape I print. Apart from this, the print is also capable of printing at 50 microns which you will not find in other printers.



One of my colleagues recommended the printer to me and I couldn’t be happier. The printer is exactly what I wanted for my wife. It is easy to assemble and we both assembled it quickly. The manual provides help but for additional help you can explore online videos. The LCD screen works really well and is the best feature of this printer. She is happy with the print outs. My wife told me that the open source software does not work properly. I will be contacting customer care soon to resolve the issue.