Initially I was very disappointed with the printer. It seriously got impossible for me to assemble the machine because of the manual which is badly formed. It has unclear instructions and no images. I called customer care and they solved my issues. The printer’s parts are of very high quality and I never to fix anything again. The build- up area is very huge and I never have to think about accuracy as print outs in every size are accurate.

Bessie J. Kivi


The printer arrived on time and in good condition. The kit is very easy to assemble and understand. The printer exceeded my expectations in every way. The printing parts are of high quality and work outstandingly well. I am able to deliver the best models to my clients and get appreciation in return. I am very happy to own this printer. It is very economical and requires no maintenance and do not provide any kind of trouble. The printing speed is good, the printing area is large enough to print any size model and the high resolution quality is outstanding.



I was very disappointed when I read the manual of this printer. It is an old manual and is not updated as per the latest parts in the machine. Some of the parts described in the manual are not even there now. I took customer care’s help and assembled the printer. Apart from this, the printer is good to use and offers more than I expect. Even my boss liked the printer and he also wants to have the same model. I am planning to gift one to him. Happy!



. I already own 2 3D printers but still I feel that this is the most complicated 3D printer which I have ever had. It is complicated to assemble and use. Apart from that, the printer is a low quality machine which is not able to maintain its printing speed after sometime and I have to be really patient to get the print outs. The printer does not even have a heated print bed. You get what you pay for..



I am really happy that I invested my money into this auto levelling 3D Printer. The device prints perfectly and runs smoothly helping me through my designing lessons. With this printer, I can easily put my virtual ideas into a real state and understand better. I recommended this printer to all of my friends and classmates and they all liked this device as well. I wish the company all the good luck and hope to see more pocket friendly and efficient devices like these in the future.