Juan Mejia (M010095)


The printer very well. The only thing that does not seem right is that I request a black or white ABS filament and they send me a pink ABS filament. In the last two orders the same thing happened to me. Thank you

Chris Harber


Shipping was on time I had ordered same thing from Gear Best and they kept saying on back order but had said they had in stock after 2 weeks I canceled because they still hadnt shipped. 3D Printers Online much more dependable. Great printer. Recommend using better quality filament. In assembly I some how messed the tube up that goes to extruder that holds the filament. Don't do this, had to order another heating assembly which wasnt bad 15 bucks. Thinking on making a direct feed for better results. Steppers of a tad but easily fixed. DVD skipped from lesson 2 to 10 then at the end there was steps 3 to 9. Would buy again learned alot building it myself



Delivery nn time and complete, installation material well explained and perform as well as a $2k unit.



Good little printer for it's size a few minor problems nothing hard to fix, E steps out by 9.5, bolt on the extruder is to long only needs a 18mm, spring needs a 5mm spacer or to be longer, X axis bearings need to be same size as Z.

<p>A good first printer to learn on I would buy again.</p>



Posting this in multiple parts because of the 1000 character limit.

Part 1

Received this printer about two weeks ago and I finally think I tested it enough to be able to write an honest review.

<b>THE GOOD:</b>
- There were no missing parts and putting it together was very easy thanks to the supplied DVD with instructions and software

- All software you need is supplied on the dvd with all the parameters and instructions on how to set it up.

- The shipping was insanely fast and you can track the package(it took 3 days to get from China to Slovenia, and then another 3 days to get through our customs)

- Print quality is quite good for such a cheap printer. I've seen prints from this exact model (with simple upgrades) that can rival prints from $2000 printers.

- Because this is a Prusa i3 model there is almost an infinite amount of possible upgrades that you can print by yourself which will greatly improve the quality of your prints.

<b>THE BAD:</b>
- The heated bed is a little bit warped (around 0.5mm on the x axis) so I'm having problems printing bigger objects.
This can be solved by buying a glass plate (which I planned to do anyway - and you should too) 

- The supplied SD Card adapter doesn't fit anywhere (it is too thick)
No other solution than to buy another one.

- The supplied 8GB MicroSD Card isn't recognized by the printer (you need a FAT32 file format, the supplied was formatted to NTFS) and you can't format it (tried on 3 different computers)
I'm not sure if the MicroSD is faulty or it's just a problem with the firmware.

- Because of the SD Card problems I'm stuck with printing directly from my computer. The supplied USB cable is insanely short and I had to use my own cable to reach my computer.


- The stepper motors aren't completely calibrated (they are close but not perfect) so you will need to calibrate them yourself. The problem is that all settings reset to factory settings when you shut down the printer so you will have to input your setting every time you turn the printer on.
<i>You will need to update the firmware. The DVD doesn't cover this but there are tutorials on YouTube.</i>

- The free filament is not the best quality, but for the price I can't really complain. At least I can properly calibrate and print upgrades without spending a lot of money for the expensive filament.

- The painters tape included is complete rubbish and it's almost impossible to get first layers to stick.
Buy blue painters tape and a glue stick instead. After that it will stick without problems.