Great printer for the price. Fast shipping too. You need mechanical and electrical skills to assemble this printer. A knowledge of 3D printer software/firmware is also needed. For the most part the instructions were enough to assemble the printer. There is plenty of information on the net if you run into trouble.

There is also plenty of after market printable parts available to make up for the weaker areas of this printer. I was able to assemble and make my first part in two days without any tweaking. I did have a bent rod but it was faster to buy a replacement locally than to wait on the replacement.

Bottom line;

Great printer for the price.

You get what you pay for.

Fast shipping.

Fast reply from customer service.

I have recommended this printer to many of my friends and would buy another in a heart beat!

John Snow


Aside from the horrendous customer service at Sun Hokey, this printer is actually pretty good. Most of it is brilliantly designed, but then there are some serious faults that make you wonder if they're venting the ABS fumes from the lab.

There's obvious flaws with the Z axis endstop, shoddy bearings, crooked belt tensioner assemblies, and a warped aluminum heated bed. The machine doesn't sit flat on a table, and I had to bolt it down to keep it consistent.



Works perfectly for me. Easy to assemble. Easy to use. Video are clear, but must follow the picture's for the wiring. (It might also take some time to adjust the printer). But that's a perfect printer to begin with. Good product. I recommend it

Jason Zhou


Unbelievable value for the price. Assembly was simple and the provided instructional videos were surprisingly accurate. The only instructions missing from the video were the attachment of the control board but it's obvious where to attach it to the frame. First print was nearly perfect and easily perfected by tuning the slicer parameters.

Doug Calvert


Great printer. Check me out at thingiverse for upgrades to make this printer even better.