Excellent printer so far - was a bit difficult to put together. But support from the manufacture is fantastic - they even skyped with me to diagnose a problem it was having with the x axis and we where able to fix over Skype.

They answer emails fast and Eva is fantastic to deal with. For the features and components this is one of the best printers on here right now!!! The acrylic is very very brittle and must be handled with care.

With some careful calibration and the correct slicer settings it prints very high resolution.

Thanks for a great product guys!!!

shipping was fast!!! was here in Canada in 9 days ( 2 days stuck in customs)



This is a very good print. It is the first one I have and so far I am very happy with its performance.



I have had this printer for more than 4 months and have already consumed 8 reels of filament, during these 4 months I have never had issues with the printer. For something that does not cost your limbs that’s a pretty solid performance.

First time printer


Good printer for the price but will require upgrades and tweaking.


The build went great, no missing parts and everything fit. Some steps missing in the directions.

There are lots of resources, upgrades, parts out there for the Sunhokey/PRUSA i3.


Works with Repetier-Host software which is pretty rough but works with tweaking.


Step motors are really good.

The board, hotend and acrylic base seem fine. Others have issues when more advanced.

No on-off button.

You'll need to upgrade the extruder. The clicking sound/inability to keep up with a print is the most common challenge. Slowing down the print from 30 to 25 seems to help a bit. Most seem to print a new x carriage in time.

Insufficient cooling/fans. Catch 22 for needing to buy more fans and print new fan base/hood but will struggle to get a good early print!


I'd buy again as an economic short-cut to learning reprap printing. Know that this is a gateway drug to buying more. Enjoy!



This is a very nice printer.

Received the printer within 10 days (China -> Netherlands).

It was shipped with Fedex which has a nice tracking system.

The fun starts with building.

Everything to get you started is in the box (tools, instruction video's, sample files, software, fillament, etc.) which is very good packed.

Building was easy and fun.

After a little bit of calibrating my prints look very nice.

If you wanna get started with 3D printing, i can highly recommend this printer.

You get a lot of fun and good prints for a good price.

There is also a lot of support for this printer.

Go to thingiverse.com and search for sunhokey.

Loving the whole experience (from ordering the printer -> transport -> building -> finetuning -> 3d printing).