Gareth Prosser


All the components are very high quality and fit like a glove. The assembly can be tricky but once you are over it you are up for some real fun. I was able to get it together with help from online forums.

 I highly recommend the Sunhokey Acrylic to anyone looking for a good value and really high speed printing.

Warren Henderson


Good Printer

Advantages of buying this kit are video assembling instructions, free filaments, quick delivery, free lcd display and even delivers better prints

Now looking at the downside: Even though the acrylic looks high grade you can break them while tightening the screws during assembly so go smooth.

Calibrating the timing pulley and belts can be real trouble.

The end stops are open hence can get corroded if used in areas near the sea.

Bethany Charlton


I had heard a lot about Prusa i3 kits but with the kind of options available, getting the right one can be extremely confusing.

I landed on this one by cheer chance and I am glad I purchased it. It’s a perfect choice for anyone trying to understand the mechanics that go into 3d printing. My 3d printer kit arrived in 5days after placing the order and it was very well packed when it was delivered.

The acrylic exteriors of the printer make the printer look amazing and due to its thickness it gives the much needed stability to the printer. The Bowden style extruder used in the printer reduces the weight on the moving parts of the printer which would translate to longer working hours without the extra wear and tear.

The assembly of the printer took around 48 hours but not without the help of a friend who happens to be an electrical engineer. The LCD is bright enough for any lighting conditions and the USB Support helps in offline printing.

Once assembled the printer works wonders, I have been able to print a whole Cosplay costume for myself.



Overall good product. However, a few things could be improved to make it a great product:

1: The LCD mount is trash. You'll end up printing your own:

2: Z switch mount needs a second bolt.

3: Heater block is trash and lasted about 10 minutes. Replaced it with this and it's printing great:

4: Directions on how to hook up the wiring could use some serious work. Use the JPG diagram on the DVD and not the video for this part.

Other than these issues, it's a nice printer.



Sunhokey Prusa I3 is excellent printer. Well package, quick shipping, quality items. I try yellow ABS filament, 225C-88C, 240C-80C both of them was fine. I recomment this printer.