This printer has been working great! it took me about 6 hours to put together and after some research and fiddling with the setting the prints keep getting better and better. I was worried that the price was too good to be true, but after having it for two weeks I am really happy with the quality.



I spent today putting together this printer. The video tutorials are great ... to a point. Its like they got tired of making them at some point and skipped a bunch of steps. There are no instructions for installing the bottom plate belt or the MKD Gen board to the acrylic. The videos on hooking up the wires are useless as nothing is labeled and everything looks alike. The videos are video only with cheesy music every once in a while. I turned my sound off at some point so it wouldn't be distracting. Hooking up the wires really needs to have either detailed "written" instructions or someone speaking instructions on the video.



It is my first 3d Printer and I really like it. It takes around 5-6 hours to build. Connecting electronics is not described at all except for the picture. But I am really happy whit my printer and prints :)



I have built this printer but it has been a statue due to the board blowing up. It was fine until I connected the USB - fried. It is cheap for a reason 1. Poor responses from the supplier (apparently I blew up the board by simply plugging in a USB cable and responses to broken piece (heat bed support)of acrylic frame in transit ignored), 2. The threaded rods are only attached to the flexible couplings on the Z axis motors, 3 The frame is 6mm acrylic and flex's........

Bojan Smiljanic


Excellent packaging, no damage, fast delivery, one week to Burnaby near Vancouver Canada. UPS tracking a bit strange, but that's UPS. Took me around 4 hours to build the mechanicals, videos were very helpful. Electronics tomorrow. Seems like quality parts. All open source stuff so easy to mod. Highly recommended. Thanks for getting me into the world of 3D printing.